Monday, March 24, 2008

A partner in crime

Life has been busy again! It's bound to get like that every now and then.;-) Adjusting to being back at work has been a bit harder than I thought - I've got less time on my hands, and more planning has to happen. Problem is, I get sucked into my "Sex and the City" box-set once I get started watching - need to put those DVD's away!

I've been maintaining my weight. Not good. I'm happy that I'm down from before - but I really need to keep going.

My hubby and I had a long talk this weekend about our health, and how important it is. It's insane how much we take things for granted. That, and we need to set a good example for our daughter - and that means being active and eating healthy. We aren't unhealthy people by any means - but it's just hard to be consistent, you know?

So, hubby is going to embark on this journey with me! I'm so happy. Except - he has the opposite problem. He actually needs to gain weight. He's looking at 10-12 pounds. But he's certainly not going to gain it by eating chocolate cake! He's bumping up his calories with healthy foods and protein. I even made up a meal plan for him last night. He's also looking to get more active, drink more water, and get more sleep. All very good goals.

So, even though he's looking to gain weight - it's going to be really helpful knowing that we're in this together. It's not as if I used to eat salads while he devoured plates of fries - we always eat the same food. It's just knowing that we both have the same goals of "getting healthy" makes a huge difference. We can nudge each other along the way. Of course, I also realize that we can drag each other down - but we're going to make hard to ensure that doesn't happen. When it's not my sub-conscience begging me to eat chocolate, I think it'll be easier.;-)

I forgot to weigh myself this morning - but I'll do that tomorrow.

Today, is a day of cooking / meal planning for the week. I find it so much easier knowing that I have a fridge full of healthy dinners when I come home from work. It feels like a lot of effort preparing everything, but it's SO worth it.

One more thing - I've always tried to eat mostly organic. It's been tough finding everything organic (that, and it's sometimes so hard to justify paying $7 for a pint of organic raspberries when the non-organic equivalent is half the price). But we decided that we're going to eliminate one of our take-out meals each week, and use that money towards buying 100% organic groceries. So, this is the first week of 100% organic. I must say - I feel amazing chopping all of those fruits and vegetables, knowing that they're pesticide-free.

I'm ready to embrace Spring (whenever it finally rears itself) with open arms, and a healthy attitude! Yay!

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Teresa said...

So nice to have you hubby going along with you on your journey. Hope you have a great week.