Monday, March 10, 2008

Still at it!

I've been maintaining my weight for the past week. I actually deserve to be maintaining, since I'm not going nuts with my efforts.

Since that week where I busted my butt and ended up gaining weight, I've felt a bit disillusioned about things. But now, I realize that I can't give up this easily! So, I'm back - giving it my all.

A couple of people have asked whether I've lost weight - weird, since it's not showing on the scale. First person, I thought was being nice. Second person, more than coincidence? I dunno - I'm feeling good about it, though.

I have been planning meals like crazy - and it's helping. I just find getting to the gym a bit hard, so I need to keep working on that. Today was my first day of sugar withdrawal (again!), Monday, and we've lost an hour from daylight savings. So, I wasn't feeling much like trekking to the gym.

So far, though - my eating has been fabulous - I hope to keep it up this week.

Oh - and I finally tried spaghetti squash tonight for dinner. Fabulous! What a satisfying, low calorie meal. I sauteed "veggie ground round" with lots of veggies, combined with some organic pasta sauce, and voila! I also had a nice cuppa lavender tea to finish my meal off.

Boring entry - I'm exhausted today. Will post tomorrow - after my yoga session in the morning!

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