Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How Sonya got her groove back...

I'm blogging at work (on my lunch, though - so I'm not feeling too guilty). Still - this one has to be quick before I run off and get myself all busy again.

I've started the challenge that the lovely Carolyn is organizing. I know, I know - roll those eyes. How many times have I started these things? How many times have I lost my mojo? Should I get highlights or grow my natural hair colour in? LOL. I don't know.

This time, it really is different. I swear. I got my groove back - I've just been stuck on the same song for a couple of weeks now. Time to step it up, and hit my first ten pound goal.

As of this morning, I'm down 8.5lbs. After all that see-sawing over the last couple of weeks, I'm ahead of the game again, and determined to stay here. I've still been struggling with the exercise thing, so over the weekend I made an executive decision to pick a time and stick with it. So, I'm getting up at 5:30am twice a week to sweat it out. Am I excited with the prospect of getting up at the crack of dawn? No Sireeee. Will I feel amazing when it's done? You betcha.

Monday was my first day. I had to pry my eyes open with my toothbrush, but I woke myself up and hit the gym for an hour. It wasn't too bad - I think I can get used to it. Twice a week is doable. Plus, I'm going to hit the gym both days on the weekend. Anyhoo - all of this rambling to tell you that I've been a little more active than usual the past three days, and that probably helped my number on the scale this morning.

Do you know how amazing it was, to see the lowest number I've seen in months? Made me skip to work a bit.

What was I supposed to be talking about a bit? Oh yeah, my challenge goals:

1. Get 32 workouts in (within 8 weeks).
2. Lose 10 of those extra jiggles.

That's it - plain and simple. I'm focusing on #1 only, in hopes that #2 will follow.

In eight weeks time, I could be close to a 20lb cumulative loss. Yowza!

Tonight, I'm up for a 5K walk, because I'm up at the crack of dawn tomorrow for my early workout. Thursday, I'm supposed to go to a yoga class over lunch, but I've got plans - so I'll see if there's an evening edition.

My tummy is grumbling, so enough rambling for now. For lunch? Vegan mini-quiches made with tofu and chopped veggies. I made them in a bit of phyllo pastry (sprayed with olive oil), topped it with homemade pesto and chopped tomatoes. Better go and devour them before I start to gnaw on my arm.


Marissa said...

Hey, good luck on the challenge!


Vanessa said...

Nice goals! Good luck on the challenge :).

CaRoLyN said...

So glad that you have your mojo back! I love it when you get inspired, it really motivates me to get my own butt in gear and kudos to you for getting up so early. Wowsa! That deserves some recognition! I'm so happy that you joined the Challenge! Thanks darlin!

Kim said...

Groove on Sonya!!! You're on your way!!

Chris H said...

5.30 am!!! You are mad... but keen I see. Good on you for going for it. I am going to as well... NEXT WEEK..lol.

You Bite It, You Write It!!! said...

Good Luck with your challenge! I am in the same boat as you, I feel like I got my mojo back and am ready and motivated to get at it!! :)

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