Saturday, April 26, 2008

Old habits die hard - but let's start some new ones!

Let's start with proverbial "good, bad, and ugly". In my preferred order:


- Life has been really, really busy - I still can't figure out why. It's mostly because my job has become fairly hectic.
- I don't have time to return phone calls, e-mails, etc. I feel like a bad friend and daughter.
- My wardrobe sucks. (debated on classifying this under "ugly", it's that bad). I like looking professional for work - but my clothes just feel so sloppy on me. Nothing will fix it, except getting rid of that tummy.


- Anxiety-ridden eating is the worst. Why, oh why, must it happen? It turns out that I might be getting a big promotion at work. But I don't even want it. Isn't that sad? Before I had my daughter, things were a bit different - I'd be willing to work any number of hours a week, and focus my life on work. Now, I want an exciting and challenging job (with career progression) - but work/life balance too. This promotion won't allow that. So, I stuffed my face with a heap of chocolate almonds last week. More than a heap - a mountain, maybe? I wanted to throw up afterward, the sugar rush was so insane.


- My 8lb loss hasn't gone out the window (a couple of pounds of it has) - so not all is lost.
- I'm going to NYC in three weekends! Hopefully, my clothes will be fitting better by then.
- My hair has been looking good lately - I got it cut last week, and my curls are very "springy". Nothing like good hair to boost a girl's confidence.
- I'm joining Carolyn's summer challenge. Will blog about that tomorrow.


Anandi said...

S - it might make sense to buy 1 or 2 outfits you feel really great in NOW so you don't always feel bad about what you're wearing to work.

It'll make a world of difference, but you have to get past size and make sure stuff fits you right. No one can see the tag except you, and you can get rid of it once you buy it ;)

Christy said...

Yay for NYC! If you push yourself, you may have to reward yourself with some beautiful NYC clothes :)

I know what you mean about work - it's hard keepign a healthy balance and still feel fulfilled in both areas.

I LOVE getting my haircut, which reminds me, I'm almost due.

We're in the challenge together and I couldn't be more excited. I'm starting today! Writing everything down and making healthy choices and moving my butt! We can do it...we know we can.


Teresa said...

Yes we are creatures of habit. Try not to stress too much. Have a great time in NYC. Take care.

jodi said...

i can relate to things being hectic - i feel so out-of-touch with people and things in my life because work has been my priority... i will be glad when this annual meeting is over and i hope things calm down for you too...

will the promotion mean more money and more responsibility? if it won't change your hours, i say go for it but if it's going add more stress - then you have every right to pass...

have fun in the city! i'm jealous! :o)