Monday, April 14, 2008


A random splattering of words:

  • I gained 1/2 lb last week. I wasn't happy, after mucho effort. Thought I was on a roll.
  • Instead of taking it in stride, I semi-sabotaged myself over the weekend.
  • The scale is like my mother during my teenage years. If I don't get approval, I feel like rebelling against it.
  • I'm back to reality now. 1/2 lb (and probably more after this weekend) isn't the end of the world.
  • I think I'm PMS'ng in the worst way. I cried over the most ridiculous things all weekend. I was in the car, in a rush to get somewhere, and the traffic light turned red. I cried. My daughter snuggled against my chest, and said, "I-I-I" (her attempt to say, "I love you"), and I started sobbing uncontrollably (okay - that's not a ridiculous thing to cry about, but combined with everything else, it was silly). We ran out of dark chocolate - my husband at the last square. I cried at him. Have you ever cried at someone?
  • It's too early to be PMS'ng. But whatever. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.
  • Now for the exciting news. I'm starting RUNNING today! Lately, I've been green with envy, watching all of the runners with their iPods, striding along the street looking all "hey, it's spring, and I'm a runner!"-like. Instead of scoffing, or being jealous, or sulky - I'm gonna join them! I'm back to C25K, three times a week.

Goal for this week: Work off the weekend's damage, and maintain my weight from last week. Oh, and to not cry at the drop of a hat. I think I can manage.;-)


Fatinah said...

1/2 lb when you think you're on a roll is likely water retention or something.

Good on you for starting up with C25k! Can't wait to read how much you enjoy it and how it kicks the .5lb in the butt!

Teresa said...

Hope you're spirits have lifted. Take care.

Christy said...

I cry at the drop of a hat too! And look back at the comments you have left for me, when I worked my butt off and saw a gain. It's so much harder to be positive when it's yourself. Why is that? You shoud love yourself more than anyone! (well except maybe M and R)

SO excited for you to start running! You're gonna be awesome!

jodi said...

i was emotional last week too - stress has not been my friend lately but after a relaxing weekend, so far the start of this week isn't too bad... i just need to remember that i only can do so much as one person... that 1/2 pound will be gone before you know it esp. if you started running again... good for you! :o)

Rebeca said...

hmmmmmm...could you be preggers again???? ;)
you sound like me with all that crying!
i totally relate to what you are saying about rebelling against the scale - like all this hard work and now what??? but remember that you're doing great and your hard work will pay off, you'll see.
love you girl

Sonya said...

LOL, Becky - I definitely don't think so re: being preggers. I did have crazy crying fits the first time around. This time, though - I think it's coincidence.

love you!!! you're going to be an amazing mommy.

CaRoLyN said...

Great goals!
That 1/2 pound will fly off in no time. Don't sweat it. The goals you have set out will get rid of it in a snap and probably take some if it's lousy friends with it!

I love it that your joining the running crew! I have been thinking about it but a joint problem in my back has made it a no go. Can't wait thought to hear all about your running adventures!

PS I've definitely cried at my hubby too!

FatMom said...

Things are surely better...and crying isn't such a bad thing! Songs on the radio or watching a bird fly make ME cry...whatever...
Best wishes on next week!

Nancy said...

Great job on resuming C25K! That 1/2 lb will be off in no time :-)

Btw, I totally relate to what you said about the scale! LOL. Too funny!

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