Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I am warped

I am flu-ridden for the umpteenth time this year. My immunity sucks, what can I say? My fever was around 104 degrees last night, so it hasn't been good times. I'm at home today, and thought I'd post quickly because it's been ages.

Before I became flu-ridden, I was nine pounds down - one more away from the first big goal. I was hoping to meet that by the weekend.

This is where the being warped comes in: I love weighing myself when I'm sick! It's totally wacky how the scale moves - and I get such a kick out of seeing brilliantly low numbers. Is that wrong? So, unofficially, my sick weight shows me as being 12lbs down!

Either way - things are moving in the right direction again. I've been super-conscious of whatever goes in my mouth lately, and am trying to eat whole and healthy foods. I dunno - call it a health-kick or something, but it has become very important to me to not put chemicals and pesticides into my body as much as possible. That, and now that my daughter is a an active and observant toddler - she's watching everything that her mommy does with interest. I love sharing my food with her - but I refuse to give her anything that is "junky". I've started to realize that it's a terrible double-standard. I can't devour a chocolate bar while I give my daughter steamed carrots!

So, there's been a shift in healthy eating around here - I hope it makes a difference.

Once I'm over this wretched flu, that is! Back to bed.


Teresa said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. You're doing wonderful, keep up the health kick. Take care

Fatinah said...

feel better soon.

Kim said...

Please take care of yourself and feel better soon!!!

totegirl said...

Is that wrong? I certainly hope not! And even if it is, it's so much fun, who wants to be right?!

But seriously, hope you get better soon!

Jen said...

Hey lady lady, I hope you're feeling better by now... being sick is no fun... Take care!

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