Monday, January 12, 2009

The diet of all diets!

Well, I had a plethora of blood tests and doctor's appointments last week. And for sure I have gestational diabetes.

They made me sit through a three-hour class on how to eat. At first, I was going to skip it since I thought I was a subject matter expert! But really, it was eye-opening. My carbs are spread out throughout the day so as to not spike my blood sugar. Also, it's crazy what a serving of carbs actually looks like.

I have been following the diet to a tee, and writing down every morsel of food that goes in my mouth. I was envying my journal yesterday - the list of food that I'm eating is GORGEOUS. I was eating relatively well beforehand, but nothing compares to the way I'm eating now.

Is this hard? Oh, heck yes. The fact that I can't eat what I want when I want it is awful. At the same time, I am petrified of what will happen to the baby if I don't follow this diet, so there is absolutely no choice. Isn't it amazing how things can change overnight if your hand is forced?

I've only gained 17lbs this pregnancy which is good - but it also makes me feel really frustrated as to why I'm in this position! But I know it was job stress and skipping meals that caused it. Oh, hindsight is 20/20.

The nurse made a comment about how I'm going to be all svelte by the time the baby comes! I scoffed at her. Now, I'm starting to wonder if some of it is true. I haven't felt this energetic in ages.

I'm off to make my dinner now. Baby greens with grilled vegetables (zucchini, orange pepper, asparagus, and portabello mushrooms) with goat cheese and sunflower seeds. And a spicy bean burger on the side. Yum.


Christy said...

SONYA! Your attitude is contagious!!! I actually was going to email you this morning to see how things were going re: GD. But wow - you're one of the only people I know who could take this situation and turn it into so absolutely positive! I tend to agree with your nurse, you are going to be svelte by the time this baby makes his or her appearance. We'll chat soon. Kisses and hugs (and on a selfish note, you're getting my butt back in order, I've been straying a bit too much, so thank you thank you.)

Jackie said...

Well I'm sorry you have to go through this, and I hope everything goes well!! You are doing everything you need to now!!!! Good work!

Teresa said...

All the best, take care. Looks like you've got everything under control.