Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Le Update

So my daughter had a fever all last night, and we didn't catch a wink of sleep. This morning, I made the decision to stay home from work. As soon as I put the phone down, I took her temperature again and it was normal. She has been giggly and cheeky all morning. Makes me wonder if she bought a little pill from another kid at daycare, to hoodwink me into hanging out with her all day! Needless to say, I am freaking exhausted. I've tried to pull my daughter into my bed with me, but she is only interested in grabbing my hair and poking my eyes. Sigh!

The diabetes diet continues. It continues to be hard, but I am persevering. Going to the gym really helps, but my sense of gravity and balance is a bit strange right now as my belly continues to burgeon. Still, I am sticking to it with all of my might.

My husband was laughing at me yesterday, because I've been SO strict with my eating. He's never seen me stick to something so closely as long as he's known me. He was like, "Are you only ever successful when you're on an extreme?!". It's kinda weird how the moderation thing has never worked for me when it comes to diet.

I miss chocolate. I miss cookies. I really miss cake. Not enough to put myself at risk -- but I have been dreaming about my first indulgence after the baby is born! Not that I'll go crazy, but to finally be able to eat like a normal person again.

I think I lost another 1/2 lb this week, which is just weirdness. Apparently, it's very common to lose weight on this diet during pregnancy and the baby will be just fine.

I've also been daydreaming about running again. I'll need to wait about 6-8 weeks after the baby is born, which puts me at the end of April. Perfect running weather! I am definitely going to sign up for a 5K in the Fall. I was even missing the elliptical machine the other day. Who knew that I'd crave exercise like this?

I'm going to wrap up work next week, just to give myself a few weeks of rest. I think I'll start lane swimming (or flutter-boarding) when I'm off, just to feel a bit buoyant. It'll be good!

This felt like a totally random post - but I'm just persevering. 7 weeks to go!


Teresa said...

Sorry to hear baby was sick and you're exhausted. Hope you find some time to relax today. Keep well.

Christy said...

She totally scammed you into spending a day with her. Glad to hear her fever is gone.

7 weeks left? Holy (@&*#(*&@# mother of @#()*&@#(*&@#

Can't wait can't wait to hear who she/he is and hwo she/he makes his/her entrance!

I hope one day to learn the perfect balance of diet and exercise, I alawys go into extreme and most times it's the only time I'm truly successful :(

Rebecca said...

oh my gosh... i havent been here forever and your already on your second child!!

i remember when you just had your first one!!!


ill have to read your arhives to catch up!