Sunday, August 02, 2009

August - a month of promise!

So my wonderful hubby came home early on Friday, and ordered me to leave our premises immediately. I was a bit shell-shocked and didn't know what to do with myself, so he handed me some bags and sent me to the health food store. He then told me he didn't want to see me for at least an hour. My hero.

I walked in the sunshine listening to my ipod, and I felt like a new person at the end of my break.

I'm hoping to make some progress on the weight loss front this month. Scratch that. I will make progress this month.

My goal is to lose 8-10lbs, which I think is achievable. That's if I manage to live in an illness-free household, and can stay away from the chocolate.

New resolve, one foot ahead of the other. Here I come.

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Rebecca said...

awe...your back!!


good luck on achieving your goals this month. cant wait to read about it!