Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Just got killed at my class, and it feels great.:-)

Our instructor was sick, so she set up a bunch of circuits that involved lunging, stepping with weights, planks, and jumping. I am going to feel it tomorrow, holy moly.

Got home and had a cup of vegetarian chili with a huge salad for lunch. I am full. Yet I'm still craving something sweet. After lunch is my worst time for eating. If I can make it through the afternoon, I'm usually good. Not sure what some good coping mechanisms are. I've tried drinking tea. I've tried distracting myself by doing other things. I've guzzled water. I still want chocolate like there's no tomorrow. I hope this gets easier!

I have to keep focusing on the end state, and not getting caught up in moments of cravings.

After my last maternity leave, I was supposed to drop a bunch of weight. My husband promised to take me to NYC on as shopping spree if I succeeded. Well, it obviously didn't happen. He told me last night that the offer is still on the table this time around. Wheeee! I am going to break his (our?) bank account by the time December rolls around, and it will be so worth it.

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Christy said...

You are freaking awesome. I am looking forward to your posts every day for two reasons. One to see just how amazing you are doing and seeing as we are going through much the same it's nice ot know I'm not alone and two - to get me motivated. You're the best!!! Keep up the awesome work Sonya - and watch our NYC (and hubby's credit card). And further to one of your emails a few weeks ago - YES I WANT TO GO TO NYC WITH YOU!!! I'm not even joking in the slightest, I even ran it by Jeff and he was totally for it!