Friday, August 14, 2009

Day 11: I can do this

Big win for me yesterday. I picked myself up from the floor, and kept marching. Before I started this journey, I definitely would have opted to throw the day out the window. Not anymore.

I just got back from my "Booty Hop" class - it's a cute workout for moms and babies, where you learn dance moves like hip hop, salsa, etc. There's really awesome music and good strength training too. My abs are already sore, so I can't image how they'll be feeling tomorrow!

Another win: on the way back home, I really wanted to stop at one of my fave vegetarian restaurants to grab lunch. It would have been healthy, but we also usually get take-out on Friday nights. I decided to throw my lunch together at home instead. I'm having a bowl of lentil soup, a nectarine, some cucumber / cherry tomatoes, and a fresh piece of rye bread with avocado. A bit thrown together, but whatever.:-) I probably saved myself a bunch of calories.

Weigh-in day is tomorrow. I'm nervous because of my little setback yesterday, but I'm willing to accept my punishment, whatever it is. I think the 80/20 rule is really important. As long as I do the right thing 80% of the time, that's what matters. The other 20% isn't going to affect me in the long run. 100% just ain't sustainable.

I'm also toying over a big decision (well for me, anyway) that I'll blog about tomorrow. I think I've made up my mind, but I need one more sleep.:-)

I can't wait to make my goal in August.

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