Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day 13: Post-weekend recap

It is sweltering hot here in Toronto, and while that doesn't make me want to gorge myself with food, it makes me move. like. molasses. Physical activity was very difficult this past weekend!

I was fairly mediocre with my food intake this weekend. I wouldn't say I was horrible, but I definitely wasn't in my A-game. Part of it was me being cavalier, knowing that I had a whole week ahead of myself to make up for the eating. We all know that it doesn't quite work that way, and it'll catch up with me. I had a pizza square and a samosa yesterday. Today, I had a few more carbs that I should have eaten, especially seeing as my activity level was so low.

Bottom line: I need to step it up this week. And that I shall. I made a gigantic pot of soup so that I have healthy lunches. I didn't get to prepare any other dishes (as I typically like to do on Sundays), so I'll need to get through the week by making some fast and healthy things.

This still feels really hard. I was hoping that two weeks into the game, it would start to feel, I don't know, effortless or something. I guess that's ridiculous thinking. Everyday is going to be full of choices, and I'll need to keep making good ones. It'll never be effortless, but it should get easier. I hope.

The other thing that I've been toying around with, is possibly running a 5K in October. I've only got 9 weeks (can't believe October is so close!) to train. I haven't run in, oh, forever. But maybe it's a good time to start training. As long as I cross the finish line (even if I walk most of it!), I'll be happy. I think I might sign up this week, but after I've finished Week One of my running program. I always go and get so ambitious about things before I've figured out whether it's practical enough for me to finish them. But boy, would it be fantastic to cross that finish line.

Type A gal here, signing off. Here's to another week of this journey.


Rebecca said...

oh my gosh...when you put it like that?!

9 weeks!! oh my word!!

Jackie said...

It is super hot over here too! Way too hot to run!

Washing Away the Gain said...

Hey Sonya! Remember me Living to Feel Good? I haven't read your blog in forever! A lot has changed for me...I had a baby!! How old is your little one now?
I say go for the 5K! I'm doing my first in October as well and just started training, and I'm not a runner! you still have plenty of time!!

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