Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day 19: Stepping it up (literally!)

Thanks so much for all of your good wishes and encouragement. You really do know how to make a girl feel a bit loved.:-)

I think I need to step up my exercise. I'm only getting in about 3 times per week. I will tell myself that I'll go out in the evening or on the weekend, but honestly, it's too darn busy with two small kids! If I want it badly enough, I will make the time - but it won't be easy. I need to plan things a bit better.

Last week was a bit hectic, because we are house-hunting and finally found something that we really loved. Unfortunately, there is a TON of interest in the same house and our prospects of getting it (within our affordability) are super low. We're not going to get our hopes up. For a few days last week when it seemed like a possibility, it was busy.

Anyway, the weekend is upon us once again. I need to keep making good choices. For lunch, I'm making grilled tofu sandwiches with a side of chick-pea salad (with peppers and cucumbers in a balsamic vinagrette! Yum!). I also found a great recipe for stuffed peppers that I'll try this week. And also zucchini and squash tortillas. I love summer produce. I also love chocolate. But I'm slowly getting over the latter.

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Rebecca said...

it is doable, to get over chocolate, it takes time and some work figuring out what triggers those cravings but wow... when you figure it out. it's amazing to see your want for it to disappear when you start making those adjustments.

have a great weekend and i know you can do it!