Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day 20: Oh, boy.

So, about the weekend.

Today was pretty brutal. My friend invited me over for brunch. She made a special menu, in honour of my vegetarianism. The meal was actually quite healthy: a pomegranate / veggie gazpacho (it was delish, and I'm not a gazpacho person!), and walnut bread topped with goat cheese and roasted tomatoes on a small bed of greens. Unfortunately, the dessert that ensued was my problem. She especially made a trio of vegan goodies: a strawberry/peach/blueberry tart on very thin pastry, a double-chocolate cheese-cake brownie, and sour-cherry pie (with vanilla ice-cream). I had all of them. Honestly, it wasn't even because of lack of self control! It was because I felt bad that she slaved away in the kitchen on my behalf, and I didn't want to make her feel bad. Sounds lame, but I swear it's the truth.

And then my mother made some delicious sweet / savoury dumplings in honour of a very special religious occasion. I'm not that religious, but I will sure as heck partake in the food, lol. Seriously, it took her over half the day to make these dumplings and the last time I ate them, I was about twelve years old. Again, I ate because I felt obligated! But I know that I'm making excuses.

Wowza. I consumed a lot of calories today. And again, the weekend went by without exercise. I'm going to work on fixing the latter. And to be totally honest, I'm disappointed about the former but I had a fantastic weekend.

Unfortunately, I think this week is going to be about me fighting to maintain my loss from last week. One foot in front of the other again, here I come. Didn't think I'd survive until Day 20, to be honest. Day 21 will be a step in the right direction again!

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Rebecca said...

I hope you at least enjoyed the dumplings and dessert!!

I know how easy it is to get derailed and how once your dedicated, you hate to stray from what you have planned but I definately consider these instances where you cuoodnt have said no.