Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 25: Weigh-in #4

So I gained 0.5lb this week.

Am I disappointed? Of course. But here's a list of all the positive things that go along with it:

  • I know exactly why I gained this week. I only officially exercised twice. My eating was a B-. I came down with a bad cold, and my energy levels were awful. It's not like I worked my butt off by eating perfectly and exercising everyday. If that were the case, I would be seriously vexed!
  • I still made my goal for the month of August. I wanted to lose 8-10lbs. I lost 9.5.
  • I did something positive everyday for my health. Whether I pushed myself to do some activity, or avoided raiding the cupboards for junk, they were all small wins.
  • This lit a fire under my butt to try harder. I know what I have to do. I just have to do it!
So, here's to pushing myself to lose 10 more lbs by the end of September. But we'll start with baby steps. Here's to a better weigh-in next week.

p.s. As much as it pained me to do it, I edited my ticker.:-( Ten was such a beautiful and round number. Oh well - next week will go in the other direction!


Teresa said...

-9.5 for the month is GREAT! What an excellent job. Don't let 0.5 get you down. Keep up the wonderful work

totegirl said...

9.5 is a great loss! That .5 will be gone in no time. You did AWESOME! Keep up the great work Sonya!

Rebecca said...

seriously sistah... 9.5 lbs is fab!

but i hear you on the tad disappointment..

have a great weekend!

also, I had a question for you regarding an indian dish i am trying to make... ci think it's sprouted beans? i had them from a colleague but she returned to india and i never got the recipe. any help!?

Rebecca said...


they were probably lentils, sprouted, and then just cooked with oil in a pan and seasoning was sprinkled and mixed in with them.

nothing fancy but the taste was fabulous!!!!