Saturday, August 08, 2009

I'll take whatever I can get: Day Five ahead

Weigh in: 4 lbs down, 4 days.

Seriously, if I hadn't lost any weight after these last few gruelling days, there would have been hell to pay! It is nice to see some reward for my effort.

I've decided to weigh in on Saturdays. Why? Because I'm a cheat.;-) I'd like to indulge a teeny bit on the weekends, and not have to deal with small increases on the scale on Monday mornings that I know I'll be able to work off throughout the rest of the week. I know that doesn't make me a cheat - it's about learning some balance on this journey so that it's sustainable!

We usually get take-out on Friday nights, and it was strange actually being conscious of what I ate! Normally, I take the eating to town. We got Chinese yesterday, and I had a small hot & sour soup, a whole pile of steamed green vegetables and mushrooms, and some crispy tofu / mango dish. I managed to be moderate with the carbs, and got in a ton of veggies. It reminded me that I can still eat out, if I make the right choices.

Ahhhh - it's all starting to come back to me now, in terms of how this weight loss thing works.

So it's Saturday, and I'm entering dangerous territory called The Weekend. This is the hardest territory to navigate through, because indulgences confront me left, right, and centre. Wish me luck!

My goal for next week is for another consecutive loss (though it probably won't be as big as my first one!), so I need to focus. Day Five, here I cometh.


Rebecca said...

Woohoo sonya!!

You can so do this..just keep on powering through it.

Have a great weekend!

Christy said...

Ok, you did it That's AWESOME - 4 lbs?!?!?!?!?!

And you reminded me of something so great - WIs on Saturday When I was MOST successful on WW, I went to the Sat morn meetings for the exact same reason you stated above. Saturdays are the perfect "cheat" day and it used to keep me in check for Friday nights. Thank you for the reminder! I think I'm going to give myself this week to get things ready, to get meal ideas to get all gung ho and then come Sat morning I'm with ya sister on the WIs!!!!

Now we are off the park, sending you lots of love....


Jackie said...

Sonya! Your doing great! The first 4 pounds of many!!!! Ive been doing crappy the last few days, and seeing your loss is helping me! Ive been reading every entry. Its on my google reader, so I cant comment there, but know Im reading!!!