Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Day 36: Really? Day 36?!

I can't believe that 36 days have passed since I've started this journey. The last week has been topsy-turvy, but I'm finally starting to get on track again.

I weighed in this morning. Before you raise an eyebrow (because we all know what happened last time!), I just needed to get my new "starting point" for the week. I was in a good state of mind when I hopped on.

I'm down 1lb since my big gain, hanging in there at 232.5. My goal for this week (by Saturday) is to lose 2.5lbs, and be back at my 10lb loss. Ambitious? Maybe. But I'm going to set the bar high. I've got Week 2 of my running plan ahead of me, plus some aerobic classes with the baby. I've got a fridge full of healthy food. And a new attitude. Recipe for success?

You betcha!

I was hoping to lose 8lbs in September, but it's looking a bit tough since I am trying to work off my gain. Still, it's amazing to think that I could be almost 30lbs down at the end of October if I keep working hard. That's pretty motivating.

One thing is for sure: the pounds will pack on in seconds, if you're not careful. SECONDS. To take that weight off? It takes DAYS. Blood, sweat, and tears. That math seems pretty ridiculous to me, but that's just the way it is. I need to remember that the next time I'm tempted to stuff my face with unhealthy food.

A good day is ahead, I can feel it in my bones.


Teresa said...

Great weigh-in after the long weekend. How true about the weigh slipping back on so quickly and easily. Keep strong and you will get to your September goal.

Sheridan said...

keep strong girl, we've all got those evil weeks slipping in, Love Love LOVE the attitude though! And you know, that's a big part of this weightloss journey! :)