Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day 40: Weigh-in

I was down 3.5lbs this week! Made my goal.

Mind you, I basically lost the weight that stuck to me over the last couple of weeks so it isn't really a loss-loss, but still. I'm back to my 10lb loss.

I need to remember that the scale is just a tool, and it isn't the dictator of whether I'm progressing well. I think my gain a couple of weeks ago was really just muscle and water. But then I got all fussed up about it, and started to slide in my eating, causing a real gain.

Anyway, I've wasted a lot of time trying to lose "regained" weight and learned a good lesson. Back to business now.

Also, I had someone notice that I lost weight! That was pretty cool. I mean, it is just a drop in the bucket what I've done so far - but it was encouraging that someone noticed.

My big goal for today: getting out for my run. Weekends are always really tough to get "deliberate" exerciese, but I have to do it if I hope to have a tiny chance of crossing that 5K finish line next month! As it is, I think I'm going to be crawling across.

That's all! Here's to working really hard for another loss next week!


marie said...

YAY! Great job :)

Sheridan said...

a loss is a loss, so enjoy it hun! Now off to the next mini goal!!! :) Good job!

Alea said...

CONGRATS! And wow, 3.5 lbs is a GREAT number. Be proud!