Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day 41: High as a kite

...on running endorphins, of course!

I just got back from a peaceful Sunday morning run. Only one mishap - I ran into my brother-in-law on route. And for those of you who run, you know what happens when you stop midstream, right? You start POURING sweat. I was really embarrassed! That, and no one really knows that I've started running. Anyway, it was a brief encounter and it gave me extra motivation to get home quickly before I ran into anyone else!

I'm only running two minutes at a time. I came home, and this was my conversation with hubby:

Me: How in the world to people run marathons?
Him: With practice, just like you.
Me: I'm pathetic! I'm only running two minutes at time!
Him: Yeah, but two weeks ago you couldn't even run for a minute.

I didn't have a witty comeback. In fact, I started to wonder if maybe I can run a marathon one day. One day very far away.

One step at a time, right? For now, I'll be proud of running two minutes, which is as far as my little legs will carry me.


marie said...

One day if you want to and you stay committed, you definitely can :)

I will think you're crazy though :P

Rebecca said...

woooohoooooo!!!! for the loss!!!

havent we all regained and relost the same weight for a while?! i can tell this time is different for you!!

and look at you... in 3 years (or less) we'll be reading about you running a marathon!

Sonya said...

That is what I remember loving about running (mind you I only got up to running for about 5 min straight). I remember loving the fact that I could see results right away. one week you could run 1 minute, the next two and so on and so on.
Good for you for keeping it up. You never know what can happen in the future. Heck, my best friend just started running and now she's doing her first 5K race in a month!

ps. I swiched back to blogger from wordpress so my website is different, but it's still me!!! ;-)

janet said...

Bravo! That's how we accomplish everything we do- one step at a time. You are doing fabulous!

Alea said...