Monday, September 14, 2009

Day 42: iffy day

So today was not a good day.

Bad: I missed my yoga class this morning because my son was napping, and fell asleep ten minutes before we were supposed to leave. I could have woken him up, but didn't have the heart.

Redeeming factor: I went for a 4K walk with him when he woke up.

Bad: My well-meaning in-laws left behind some fruit tarts this weekend. Really nice pastry, whip cream, and fruit on top. I scoffed one down this afternoon because I was hungry and it was the first thing that caught my eye in the fridge.

Redeeming factor: I went for a 30 minute workout when my husband got home. I didn't feel like going for another run after yesterday, so I just did some cardio at the gym.

Bad: My husband went out with his buddies tonight. It was hard work getting both kids to bed, and I didn't feel like cooking for myself afterward. I ate two pieces of pizza that were in the fridge.

Redeeming factor: none. I shouldn't have eaten the pizza. End of story.

Not everyday will be perfect, and that's okay. I need to just move on without dwelling on it. Several weeks ago, my imperfections would have been much worse. So maybe that's a redeeming factor in and of itself.


Rebecca said...

oy vey... some days are just better than others.

i guess the good thing is we don't give up.


Christy said...

This was a total NORMAL day Sonya! Things like this happen and it's how you deal with them that matter. And you, my friend, dealt with them with class. Look at you getting in workouts to make up for a fruit tart!

You're fabulous.

Keeven said...

I really like the way you approach a set back. You have a redeeming factor. You remind me that whatever we do there are consequences. Thank you!

totegirl said...

You are absolutely right. Not everyday will or can or should be perfect, but you are doing fantastic! Great job!

Teresa said...

You have a great attitude about things. A day doesn't have to be perfect for it to be a good day. Keep up the good work.