Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 50: the right side of bed

I woke up this morning with a totally new sense of resolve. It's amazing to feel like me again.

Here's some awesome stuff:

  • I have a meeting for work today that I need to go in for. I went in my closet, picked out an outfit that I wore to work before I was pregnant and tried it on with DREAD at the pit of my stomach. It fit. Just like before I had the baby. I still have a TON of weight to lose, but do you know how nice it was that my work pants fit me comfortably? Awesome.
  • I've been slack in the running department lately, and my 5K is less than a month away. I put together a revised running schedule last night which involved me getting up early (!) this morning to go running. Well, that didn't happen. Sometimes I forget that I have two little kids. Instead of shrugging it off, I took 25 minutes and went to the gym in my building for some cardio and weights. Yay!
  • My daughter asked where I was going this morning with my iPod (pre-gym). I told her I was going to exercise, and she asked if she could come. It was sweet. I started thinking about how I'm setting an amazing example for her.
And now, I have a million things to do before my work meeting. I'm fueled with oatmeal and some serious optimism!

Woo hoo!


Teresa said...

Sure was a perfect morning for oatmeal. How sweet of DD. I remember having little ones and trying to find a minute for yourself. Congrats on taking charge and getting in your exercise. Keep up the great work.

totegirl said...

YEAH! That's what I like to hear! And you are setting a great example for your little ones. It becomes ingrained in them, just like me going to college for my son's whole life. He now thinks college is just a fact of life. Good!

Jackie said...

Sounds Awesome!!! Good Job! You're doing so great!

Rebecca said...

sounds like you've had a fabulous start to your morning!!

Sheridan said...

it hit home the "setting the example" part. I used to wait till my youngest was in bed before popping in the exercise tape, now I just do it when she is around, playing her pretend toys, and eventually, she'll get up and do the walking/kicking/knee lifting moves with me... too cute!