Sunday, October 18, 2009

And then I ran a 5K....

I did it! In about 40 minutes, which is 10 minutes less than I had expected. Of course, my time wasn't important - but it's nice to have a baseline for next time. Yes, there will be another one.;-)

I ran 3 minutes, walked one minute the whole time. I kept a very steady pace. I could have gone faster, but I just wanted to be consistent and run across that finish line.

Thoughts before the race:

- What the heck am I doing here with all these runners? I have no business being here.
- It is 0 degrees outside, and I am freezing. FREEZING.
- The announcer keeps asking the walkers to move to the back of the start line, and the runners to keep at the front. I am closer to the front, but do I belong at the back?
- Gosh, there are some fit people here!
- What the heck am I doing here with all these runners? (yes, this thought repeated in my head about a thousand times).

Thoughts during the first half of the race:

- Toronto is such a beautiful city;
- I'm running on a main road!
- I don't know how long I can sustain this;
- Look at all the teams, running for a cause;
- I feel a bit lonely for my husband (the first (and previous) 5K I ran was with him);
- Am I ever going to make it to the half-way mark?
- I can't wait to walk again, when is my next break?
- I'm doing this for so many people. My dad, especially. He hasn't been an amazing example when it comes to being healthy. He has health issues now. But he's my daddy.
- My three-year old daughter's lips on my nose this morning (covered in peanut butter), and her smile when she said, "Good luck, mama!"

Thoughts during the second half of the race:

- The road is uphill. The wind is against me. This is hard.
- Look at all the people passing me.
- I want to be a runner. So badly.
- Could I run a 1/2 marathon one day? Maybe?
- I am running so slow. My legs feel like molasses, but I can't go any faster.
- When is my next walking break?
- Am I the last person in this race?
- I can do this. I will do this. I'm more than half-way through.
- I hiked the Inca Trail in Peru, this is only a 5K.
- Gosh, I love my hubby to bits. He is my rock.
- My 7-month old son's smile melts my heart all the time. I can't wait to kiss his cheeks.

The last bit:

- I'm almost there. Holy crap, I'm almost there.
- I don't care about my next walking break. I'm putting my stopwatch away. I'm running the rest of this, until my legs won't carry me anymore.
- There's the finish line. I'm going to run across that finish line, and smile.
- Holy crap. I did it! Wheeeeeeeeeee!

So now, I'm wearing my little medal. It's only a 5K, I know. I can't imagine how people run 1/2 marathons and marathons. But this was a goal of mine, and today, I achieved it. I was this close to not running the race. But thanks to a little help from my friends (you know who you are!), I changed my mind.

I'm so glad that I did this. I feel like a different person. Somehow, my weight loss journey doesn't feel like it's unattainable anymore. One step in front of the other, just like my little 5K. And I'm going to get there.


Rebecca said...

That is fabulous and I'm so glad you did what you felt you needed to do!!

I'm so excited for you Sonya! You'll do this, I know you will!

Jen said...

I am smiling so hard right now my cheeks hurt! I am so very proud of you and happy for you. I just knew you could do this and that finishing this race would give you a buoyant sense of accomplishment. Congratulations on crossing the finish line--and even bigger congratulations on getting to the start line. I know it wasn't easy.

You ARE a runner! Don't you forget that, Miss Sonya.

marie said...


I'm disappointed that I didn't see you (my frozen bum was sitting on the island at the top of the circle), but am so happy for you!!!

janet said...

I am so happy for you and so proud of you! It really comes down to your mindset, and yours was in the right place. You can do anything you make up your mind to do, and now you really know it. Look what you did!! Awesome!
(The peanut butter kiss is so sweet!)

Christy said...

I am bawling my eyes out reading this post. I loved your honesty about your thoughts during the different spots throughout the race. They mirror my thoughts about the whole weight loss journey - I'm struggling so much right now and not happy with who I am that I loved reading this and it gives me hope.

I am SO frigging proud of you and wishing we could dine together at Fresh for celebrate.\\xoxox

Carolyn said...




I'm gone for 6 months and I come back and you are a POWERHOUSE! Not that you weren't before but hello! You just ran a 5K race! WOW.

Congrats! So proud of you!

MAMA P said...

What a nice way to start my morning, to come online and read this! Congrats! I love hearing about all of your internal thoughts. And I LOVE that you paced yourself and stuck with it. What a great accomplishment.

Teresa said...

Hurray for you, that is just wonderful news. Keep up the great work.

JavaChick said...

I can't imagine running a 5K so you are way ahead of me! Congrats!