Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Getting back on track is not as hard as I thought...

Once you've fallen off the wagon for awhile, it can feel intimidating to climb all the way back on. So, we avoid doing it for a day. And then another day. Soon, the week, and month has gone by.

This time, I'm finding it much easier to just get back on track. It's not as hard as it once seemed.

We eat really amazing food at my house. I know a million things about optimal nutrition. I love to exercise. So really, it's just about getting my act together and not overeating!

Today for lunch, I met a friend at a delicious panini place. They serve their paninis with fresh arugula salads. Still, I was worried about eating a bit too much bread at lunch. So, I decided to walk to the restaurant and walk home. 30 minutes each way! Pushing a stroller. It was windy and cold, but so worth it. I was able to enjoy lunch so much more, knowing that I had earned it. I had the mozzarella, oven-roasted tomato, and fresh basil pesto variety. Yum! My friend got biscotti and a latte for dessert. I got some peppermint tea.

Oh, and my fridge is FULL of sweets. I would throw them all out, but we went to a specialty store to buy them for Diwali celebrations next weekend. They're for my hubby and daughter. That's the thing about having kids now: I need to pull myself together and show some self restraint. It's not all about me, and there will always be some treats around. So, my goal for this week is to not eat ANY of them. Yes, I'll be tempted. Yes, I'll think about them when the moment is weak. But I'm going to dive into the fruit drawer of my fridge instead!

Now, I'm off bake a chick-pea / fennel casserole for dinner. I'm starting to feel like me again.

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