Thursday, October 01, 2009


Sorry for the subject heading! Sometimes I do feel like I'm going mental in my house, but that's besides the point.;-)

I've started to realize on this journey of mine that my transformation needs to be mental, almost as much as it is physical. In fact, my emotional state of mind is really going to be the bedrock for all of my physical efforts. It's my mind that will push me to strap on those shoes and get out for exercise. It is my mind that will ask me if I really need that extra cookie. When I feel slobby and sluggish, I'll need my head to remind me of how I've been working hard these last few days, and eventualy, I'll "feel" lighter again.

So I've been thinking a lot about how to focus on positive things. I looked in the mirror this morning and felt a little grossed out about my body. Instead, I tried to think about how fifty pounds less of me will feel and asked myself what I needed to do in order to move towards that goal today. I started to plan out when I'd go for my run. I thought about how the sun is shining.

Phrases like "mind over matter", and "impossible is nothing" are starting to float around in my head. Yesterday, when I could have murdered a chocolate bar, I kept repeating to myself, "one choice at a time".

I need to take care of my mind, and my body will follow. That means continuing to find inspiration, taking deeper breaths, and focusing on the positive. And laughing more. Apparently laughing burns a lot of calories. I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard that my stomach hurt. Must work on that next.


janet said...

You really hit the nail on the head here. Once you change how you think, everything else just falls into place. Keep up the great work, you are doing fantastic!

Teresa said...

Yes yes yes its more about what is going on in that head of ours. If you think can you will, if you think you can't you won't. Keep those positive thoughts coming. Yeah!

Christy said...

Your blog is like one of those inspirational calendars for me - where each day you turn the page and the words on the calendar motivate, inspire and get me all jazzed up.

Thank you. And it's like Today's Parent - when a new issue appears it always seems to talk about an issue that I'm currently having! You're wonderful and your posts are more than wonderful. I love them.