Thursday, October 29, 2009

Miscellaney, aka "Shotgun" post

  • Cake decorating class was SO much fun yesterday! I got to pipe cupcakes, decorate cookies with beautiful little sparkles and beads, and also dressed up a gingerbread man and lady. Two hours of fun, fun, fun!
  • I placed all my beautiful accomplishments in a box to take home. I got up to go and wash my hands. When I was washing my hands, I heard a loud groan in unison from the entire class. My friend (who went to the class with me) had accidentally knocked my entire box onto the floor. Gingerbread smush. Buttercream frosting smeared all of the chair.
  • I was sad. It wasn't my friend's fault, but I felt sad. I was looking forward to showing my hubby and daughter all the stuff I made.
  • Instead of sulking, I sucked it up. It was about the process of decorating and the fun that i had during class.
  • I couldn't eat any of the goodies, because there was egg in everything. But I can't WAIT to reinvigorate my "Vegan Cupcakes Take over the World" book! So really, it was a blessing in disguise!
  • I've been trying to eat dinner earlier, like before 7pm. It's a huge task in our house. We only did it one day this week, but I could already feel a big difference in energy levels afterward. Will attempt it again today.
  • The weather is beautiful here. Rainy, but beautiful. I'm going to go for a run tonight. Well, my "run/walk" thing.
  • Feeling gooooooood! Trying to hold it together until the end of this week.:-)
That's all!


Rebecca said...

awe. i hear you on the disappointment!!!

but it sounds great, like your in a great place as well!

go get em sonya!

Teresa said...

Class sounded like a blast. Too bad about the little mishap. Enjoy your nice sunny day, its been dull and dreary here forever. Keep thoses spirits high. Way to go.

MAMA P said...

Sorry about the cupcakes....I think I would have cried. But eating before 7:00 PM is also one of my goals and makes a huge difference. Of course, I have European friends who eat at 10:00 and still stay slim and fit. I think there's something in our water......

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