Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The pants

I've got a meeting at my office this afternoon. Yes, I'm still on maternity leave! Still, it's something important that no one else can deal with so I need to go in. My dad is coming over to watch the baby this afternoon.

I just had a major case of closet panic. We've all been there before. First stage of panic: what will fit me? That top accentuates my stomach. Those pants feel too snug at the waist. Those other pants cling to my butt. I probably need to lie on the bed to squeeze into my favourite pants now. Second stage of panic: What is appropriate to wear? Should I wear a blazer? Should I dress down a bit? That sweater looks like it has seen better days. Oh.my.goodness. I can't breathe. I surrounded myself with a mountain of clothes that I yanked out of my closet in desperation.

Keep in mind that I haven't had to go into an office for several months now. And when I did, I had a nice little maternity wardrobe to wear. So technically, I am going back about 1.5 years into the confines of my closet. Scary, scary, stuff.

Anyway, I found two pairs of black dress pants that looked half-decent. Tried on the first pair. And they were loose. LOOSE. (one more time for some extra oomph!): looooooose! To the point where I had to fold down the waistband on them in order for them to stay up nicely.

Second pair seems to fit perfectly. Yay, yay, yay! I found a cute pair of deep red kitten heels to wear, and a chocolate brown purse to match. I'm looking forward to dressing up! I have been living in track pants and hoodies for the last few months, and it has made me feel so frumpy and unhappy.

It was awesome motivation this morning. They are expensive pants - I remember splurging on them. So I'm slightly bummed that I can't wear them anymore. But wow - in a couple of months, I'll be able to swirl around in the waistband of those pants like it's a hoola-hoop!

Here's to more pants going into the donation bag by the end of this year.


marie said...

What an awesome feeling!

Rebecca said...

seriously that is fabulous!!

my mom has started to wear jeans at home because she feels that yoga pants trick her into thinking she is thinner than she is.

maybe something to try to give you that "normal" feeling back.

Teresa said...

What a great feeling of having loose pants. Congrats on this victory. Have a good meeting.

totegirl said...

HOOOORAY! Take those fancy pants to a tailor!

janet said...

Don't be at all bummed that your expensive pants don't fit, you are worth so much more than those pants! I'm so proud of you!

Carolyn said...

YAY! I think we need to see pics of the hot outfit! Congrats on the LOOSE pants! Yipee!