Monday, October 26, 2009

Yay, it's Monday!

I didn't think I would ever entitle a blog post on Monday with that much enthusiasm, but there you have it!

It's the beginning of the week! Lots of good food choices to be made. Lots of exercise to be had.

AND, I'm going to a cake decorating class on Wednesday night. My first one ever! I've always wanted to learn how to pipe icing into my vegan cupcakes with some panache!

So there you have it. I am going to see some results by the end of this week, and will end off October with a bang.

I've got a truck-load of energy this morning - who wants some?


Rebecca said...

you have to take pictures of your cake decorating class!!

how exciting!!!!

Kim said...

I NEED a truck load of energy!! Please send some my way! :)

Teresa said...

Have fun at your class. Sounds like a good time. Good for you being so chipper.

Jackie said...

Have fun at the class! I've always thought that was cool, but I don't think I need a hobby around cake..LOL

nic said...

I love Mondays so I'm excited that you're excited!

Cooking/Baking classes are the best! Have a blast!

Bex said...

ooooohhhhh sounds FUN!
hooray for a new week!!
I'll be checking in :o)

Christy said...

That's awesome that you are taking the class, it sounds like so much fun! I've always wanted to take a class like that, maybe I'll put it on my "list of things to do in 09".

Comes right in time for some special little girl's 3rd birthday!!!

And yes, I would love some of your energy please. But yes, it's Monday and that means we can make THIS week a GREAT week.