Saturday, November 14, 2009

Blogging it out

I had a great date #2 with Mr. Spinning last night. Again, I didn't go ALL out, but I pushed myself a lot further than the last time around. I played around with the resistance a lot more. The music was really great, and I was on a high all the way home. In fact, my heart was beating quickly for most of the evening!

So, here's the thing that really sucks. After three great workouts this week, and a reasonable diet, I decided to weigh in. I am UP 3lbs.

I am really, really, really, irritated about this.

To be true to myself, my eating wasn't perfect all week. But it was very good. My exercise was amazing. Did I deserve a big loss? Probably not. Did I deserve a big gain? Heck, no!

So, here's the stuff that plays around like a broken record in my head:
  • You're doing all the right things! Keep it up, and the scale will reward you in time.
  • You need to tighten the belt (pardon the pun) on your eating habits. Snacking gets a little out of hand between the hours of 4 and 6. You didn't eat before 7pm on most nights last week.
  • You need to exercise a bit more if you want to lose weight aggressively.
Let's try this again for another week, shall we? Spinning has come into my life, and I'm sure that the sweating will eventually pay off. It has to!

p.s. Know what else really irritated me? There was a couple in front of me at spinning yesterday, who tried to "reach out" and hold each others hand several times during the class. Now, I can be a big romantic when I'm in the mood. And I don't mind a bit of cheese every now and then. But, this? During a Spinning class? Come ON! Hardly the place or time. I must have muttered "Get a room!" at least twice.


Rebecca said...

oh man... the weight could be so many things.

i'm so glad you love spin. spin is so fabulous!!! such a great workout if you have a great instructor.

and i agree that was totally inappropriate...come on now!

keep up the great work sonja!

nic said...

I don't know your body, but whenever I switch up my fitness routine or return to excercise after a hiatus, I always gain. Your muscles are recouping and hopefully you're drinking *LOTS OF WATER* to help them with that process.

I bet if you weigh in next week after continuing to do what you're doing (and maybe snacking less) you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Christy said...

Yes, listen to what they say!

I will say I know how much something like that sucks, and it's hard to stay motivated after that, but you have it in you - you are doing so wonderful!

You KNOW what you are doing is right and eventually that stupid thing is going to show the results that you deserve.

Teresa said...

The holding hands bit is just a little too much. It is terribly annoying when we don't get the results we expect. GRRRRRR. Next week will be better.

Sheridan said...

grrrr I posted summit and it went away! Internet!!
Anyhow. results will catch up with you, no doubt! Think positive ( I know VERY hard!). You're doing it and thinking your choiced thru, BIG +!
And yes next time hand the couple the room keys, spinning class = working out NOT making out! Yeesh!