Saturday, November 21, 2009

Progress, at last

I lost four big ones last week. I'm more relieved than happy, to be honest. It's nice to know that effort = reward (well, most of the time anyway).

I feel like I'm in a groove, but I'm not bringing out the marching band just yet. Late last summer when I dropped 10lbs, I managed to get stuck there for quite awhile. So before there's cause for real celebration, I'd like to see a few consecutive losses.

I worked hard for it this week, that's for sure. This was great motivation heading into a weekend!

And a little anecdote before I sign off:

I was getting ready for spinning class last night at home, and my energy levels were a bit low. My daughter came into my room and asked me where I was going. When I told her, she left the room for a few minutes and then came back. She handed me her favourite princess domino, and said, "This is for you mommy! Please keep it safe in your pocket at the gym so that you can remember me when you are there." I happily obliged. During class, when I didn't feel like I could give anymore, my fingers grazed my pocket and I thought about my sweet little girl. And I pushed myself that much further. Of course, she reclaimed her favourite domino as soon as I walked in the door, but I told her how much I appreciated her little good luck charm.

So, here's to taking one day at a time again for the next week. I can do this. I will do this. Knocking those pounds away - one domino at a time!


Rebecca said...

I'm so happy for you!!!

especially since your dragged yourself to spin when perhaps you would have rather hung out with your daughter some more.

keep it up sistah!

nic said...

That is so adorable. I think you can draw from that all the time when things get tough, physically in the pocket or not. None of us are doing this 100% for ourselves, at least 5% of anyone's journey is for the one's they love.

You can totally do this!

Sheridan said...

that is totally precious and I truly believe that even though this journey sometimes does take us away from family, it's only to "better" us in the end. I am now better able to care for my kids, play with them and take 'em places rather than sit inside embarrassed to my size. So you are doing great and indeed a reward for you! great job Sonya, keep it up indeed! :)

Christy said...

SONYA!!! That's awesome!

It's nice to finally see the scale showing a result of all your hard work. You are doing SO amazing!!!

And that's absolutely so frigging cute of your daughter, it gave me the goosebumps. What a doll. A sweetheart like her mother.

JavaChick said...

That is so cute! And congrats on the loss!

Teresa said...

Big congrats on the lose. All that effort has certainly paid off. Keep up the great work. Loved your story about the domino. Hurray for you.

MAMA P said...

Huge congrats on the 4 lbs. That must feel great. And your daughter is adorable. Our kids offer us so much and sometimes don't even know it.