Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Cryptic message:

I just spent all day with my in-laws. They are nice people, but drove me totally around the bend today. TOTALLY.

My kids acted up the whole time. They are wired on sugar because my in-laws insist on feeding them junk. I drove for over an hour to get there, and then got stuck in horrible traffic on the way home, and it took two hours to get home. Even though I told my in-laws I should leave by a certain time, they took their sweet time saying goodbye and getting things ready. Two screaming children in the backseat of the car.

I had vegetarian dim sum for lunch. I didn't make the worst choices, but could have made better ones.

I just got home. I want to stress eat. Really badly. I will try my hardest not to.

Full stop.


Rebecca said...

dont do it sonja!!!!!

run, running will make you feel better!

nic said...

I stopped the binge, so now you have to.

Make some tea, that's my strategy tonight.

Sheridan said...

step away from the food NOW!! Don't let them get to you that way! OMG I swear in-laws were put on the earth to drive us crazy!! All we can do is try not be that way ourselves when it's our turn! Anyway, go run, put in an exercise tape, something like that and work through it that way! Good luck! :)

Anandi said...

ugh, sounds like a bummer day. can you talk to your inlaws (and your kids, separately) about not feeding the kids junk because it makes them crazy? And then feed your kids before you go over there, and bring snacks so they won't be starving?