Monday, November 09, 2009

Sunshine is like an elixer for the soul...

Thank you guys for your positive thoughts and good wishes about my little guy. I think that they're working! He is smiling like crazy today. I hope it's a sign that he'll be recovering soon. I can handle colds and flu. I can handle cuts and scrapes. But this respiratory virus was pretty ugly the last time around (breathing difficulties are horrible), and I'm hoping it won't be as bad this time. If I could take his illness onto myself (a million times over), I would. It's all a part about learning to be a mom, I guess.;-)

Even though my little guy is under the weather, I strapped him into the stroller and we went out for a walk this morning. All of my worries seemed to melt away under the sun. I came back inside with some new resolve.

I need to get myself moving again. I feel like I'm getting into sedentary mode again, and that isn't good for anyone. Tonight, I'm going to head out for an hour of intense exercise. I feel guilty leaving my little guy, but I need to take care of myself in order to look after him. Right? Right.

So, will it be spinning or running? The gorgeous weather today is gravitating me towards the latter....

Oh, and I've decided to reward myself for my progress on a 5lb basis. I just need to break up this weight loss a bit, so that it doesn't feel so overwhelming. I've been stuck in maintenance mode for way too many weeks now!

First reward: pedicure! 6.5lbs away. It's a bit daft mind you, because I really need a pedicure anyway. My toes are crying for some pretty paint. But I'm going to hold off on scheduling an appointment until I've reached my first mini-goal. End of November, maybe? Why, yes!

My poor feet are counting on me.


Rebecca said...

so glad he's feeling better and there is nothing better than a pedicure in the fall/winter to brighten the dreary mood!

totegirl said...

Yes mom! A happy you is a happy them! Great idea about the rewards. I need to do that! No haircut until goal!