Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend Recap

I had a really fantastic weekend, eating wise. I was in control, and didn't feel the need to go all crazy with my eating. It wasn't easy, though: when my "routine" is thrown off on the weekends, it's easy for all hell to break loose with the diet. This time though, I kept tight reigns on the calories.

For lunch on Saturday, we had grilled veggie burgers, roasted parsnips / sweet potatoes, and steamed kale. I probably had a few too many sweet potatoes, but figured that I've committed worse crimes during past weekends. Still, the guilt factor was tremendous. I'm learning to let go of my "perfection or nothing" attitude.

Dinner on Saturday was a bit tricky. My brother was hosting a little housewarming at his new place. He ordered in Indian take-out from our favourite restaurant. The smell of warm curry was wafting through his entire apartment. I had two potato patties for an appetizer (they were fairly large). For dinner, I had 1/2 a piece of naan bread, and 1 tablespoon each of some different curries. I enjoyed each bite, and then washed my plate immediately and put it in the dishwasher. My entire family was looking at me like, "is that all you're having?". And I was all, yes, I'm SO done with dinner. It was so great to feel in control without depriving myself!

I am especially proud of the following: I baked a dozen DELICIOUS chocolate chip cookies in the afternoon to take over to my brother's place. My hubby stole two as they came out of the oven. I had a small bite of one. The rest went into a tin to take over for dinner. I enjoyed baking them but didn't eat a single one.

I tried to reduce my calories on Sunday to compensate for Saturday. Shocking, I know. This is all so new to me! Lunch was a delicious broccoli / orange pepper / cashew stirfry with grilled tofu on soba noodles with sriracha sauce. So delicious and healthy. Worth all the effort in the kitchen, without a doubt.

I have been dabbling with the wii fit for the last few weeks. Honestly? I really like it. It's a nice, quick workout when I'm in between chores. Or when I'm waiting for something to finish baking in the oven. It's also a nice way to precede dinner on most nights. Last night, I decided to try "high" intensity (I've been using "medium). Holy workout, batman! I burned 300 calories in 30 minutes!

Last, (but not least!), I had a massage appointment yesterday morning. My massage therapist asks me about five minutes into the session, "Have you lost weight?". If I hadn't been half naked, I would have lept off the table and hugged her to pieces!

I'm motivated this time around. That's not to say that I'm not struggling. Because right at this moment, I would give my right arm for a piece of chocolate. But I want to do this from the bottom of my heart right now. I love how I feel when I'm in control. I'm going to hit a brick wall at some point on this journey, so I'm going to capitalize on the momentum right now.

Spinning tonight. Never thought that I'd be so excited to huff and puff, while shifting uncomfortably on a hard bike seat, and feeling like my legs are on fire. But I can't wait to go. Will wonders never cease?

Here's to a good, strong, and healthy week ahead.


Rebecca said...

oh sonja!!!

it is hard..we know that but i'm so excited for you and the changes you are attempting!!

it does get easier, i promise!!! just hang in there for a few more days/weeks!!!

Sheridan said...

sounds like a nice time, well done you... and ohhhh....Indian! :)

Teresa said...

You are doing such a wonderful job. All that effort is really paying off for you. Congrats on the compliment. Keep up the great work.