Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Where to draw the line?

So I've been really adventurous this year, in trying new physical activities. I signed up for mom & baby classes when my little guy was, er, littler. We tried booty hop (hip-hop style dancing) together. We even did salsa dancing together. It was a fun way to stay active.

Then, I took up running (after a long time), in pursuit of the 5K race that I signed up for. Now, I've got a fire in my belly for Spring to arrive so that I can start training for another one. I've even got my eye on an 8K early next year.

Most recently, I tried my hand at spinning. It's hard work. My muscles cry out in pain. People are super fit in my class (waaaaay fitter than me). But for some reason, I love this form of torture! I've only been a few times now, but I challenge myself a little more each time. It feels like the sky is the limit, in terms of new heights I can reach. I can't wait to keep going!

My schedule is a bit wonky, because I'm a mom of two little ones. It's much easier for me to exercise in the evenings than during the day right now.

So, I paused for a moment when this popped up in my inbox:

Unleash your inner vixen with KAMA AEROBICS, a sultry new workout program designed to get your libido and heart racing

Join our fitness expert, trained dancer and former Miss Canada contestant, to introduce KAMA AEROBICS™, a sexy new workout program that combines yoga, striptease aerobics and dance.

The first KAMA AEROBICS™ class will be held tomorrow night at 8pm

I immediately discounted this. I'm a bit of a conservative girl, you see. The words, "kama", "sexy", and "striptease" made me blush profusely. If I was nervous to try spinning, how could I not be nervous to show up to a class like this?

The only thing that keeps nagging me, is that the class time is perfect. 8pm is guilt-free time for me, after both kids have gone to sleep. It's also a nice break from spinning in the middle of the week.

So, I'm on the fence. Well, I'm more leaning towards hiding under my covers at the thought of walking into this class! But is it worth trying, for the experience? I mean, if anything, it could be a good laugh! I don't have to go back if I don't like it - it's not like I'm committing to a bunch of classes or anything.

Still, maybe this is where I draw the line when it comes to new exercise experiences. Gosh! What would you do?


"One Step at a time" has been working well for me the last couple of days. It hasn't been easy, and I've had moments of weakness. But I've been doing well. If truth be told, I am exhausted! I gave Spinning class everything I had on Monday night. Last night, I did some "recovery" exercises. My eyes are welded shut the second my head hits the pillow at night. It's an awesome feeling.


Teresa said...

You know what it would probably be good for a laugh and could prove to be alot of fun as well. I'm ultra conservative as well, but it would be a great way to make some new friends. Nice to hear you are enjoying all these new experiences. Keep up the good work.

Rebecca said...


I wish they had something like that near me!!!

glad one step at a time is working out for you!

nic said...


I took pole dancing classes for a year to switch things up and I LOVED them.

You have to at least try it, especially because you brought it up. Consider it fuel for an AWESOME blog post.

Sheridan said...

weel, I'm European, and my neck of the woods doesnot know the meaning of conservative!! All that came to mind for me was "I'm sure your husband wont mind you leaving him with the kids for this kind of class!" LOL
You should go, have a guilt free, grown up, funny, AND healthy night! :) Can't wait to hear your decision, if you go I'll be living that one through you since I doubt they offer those classes in Nebraska!

MAMA P said...

Try it! At least you'll have a great blog post out of it! I can't wait to hear........