Monday, January 11, 2010

Keep your eye on the prize

This weekend, both of my kids came down with a horrible stomach flu. It was stressful, to say the least: I've been brushed off my feet looking after everyone. Obviously, I put myself last in these situations when it comes to taking care of myself.

I'm pleased to report that I stayed focused all weekend. Part of it was being so busy with the kids. But when it was my turn to eat, I didn't just throw the cupboards open in exhaustion and decide to eat chocolate for lunch. I made the healthiest choices possible that were quick and nourishing. Despite my stress level (which is a big trigger for me when it comes to unhealthy eating), I kept focused and strong.

I even made it to spinning class on Saturday morning (this was before my house turned into sick central), and it was a great way to set the tone for the rest of the weekend.

So all of this to say: if you want something badly enough, you'll tailor every situation to make sure that you stay on plan. Regardless of stress levels, being on vacation, eating at a restaurant, etc. If you truly want to, you'll make the healthiest choices possible in all of these situations without making excuses. We can't stop living life to lose weight. It's possible to actually have both.

Big non-scale victory for me this weekend: zero junk food. I kind of already felt like a supermom looking after the kids, but my little victory made me feel a little more superb.

Now, let's hope for healthy children so that we can all get back to normal very soon. Oh, and I'm not feeling like a million bucks either - fingers crossed that I can avoid catching the virus!

Here's to an awesome, awesome, awesome week ahead with dozens of good choices.


Kim said...

Oh no!! Sick little ones are the worst. It's so hard to see them feel so awful. :(

I hope that everyone gets well soon, and that you can avoid catching the bug.

HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK FULL OF GOOD CHOICES FOR YOURSELF!! Remember, you deserve the effort it takes to make the healthy choices!!

Sheridan said...

oh stomach flu, chances are if you were the chief in charge of cleaning all the yucky messes you'll be the one needing some TLC soon! Good for you for not going off track, easily done when these moment occur! Keep your eye on the prize indeed! ;)

Rebecca said...

thats so great to hear you made it through the weekend!

i should have been channeling you!!!

Stephanie said...

"If you want something badly enough, you'll tailor every situation to make sure you stay on plan". That's worth repeating. Nice work.
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Teresa said...

Sorry to hear the kid were sick. Good for you staying on track and getting your exercise in. You are going to rock you next weigh in. Hope everyone is feeling better soon. Have a good week.

Christy said...

You are AWESOME and tell it like it is. One of the many reasons I think you are spectacular. Sorry to hear the kiddies were sick, am a horrible friend for not wishing you the best first day back to work today! Hope you will forgive me.


Anonymous said...

I am so impressed!! Having sick kids and making good choices for you at the same time. That is great :)

All Women Stalker said...

"We can't stop living life to lose weight. It's possible to actually have both."

I love that. Sometimes I forget that I have a life to live because of my desire for weight loss and a healthier life. But those things are not just the focus of our lives. There are so many other things that we need to experience.

Thanks for today's inspiration.

janet said...

Good for you Sonya, you have really got it together!
I sure hope the little ones are all feeling better now.

mano said...

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