Saturday, February 13, 2010

Life transitions

Big changes in my life back then:
  • starting a new semester in school;
  • moving apartments;
  • a new roommate;
  • switching my major in university
  • moving away from home for the first time
Big changes in my life now:
  • Getting married;
  • Buying my first place;
  • Having a baby;
  • Changing jobs;
  • Having another baby;
  • Going back to work.
Common theme, regardless of my age: I don't deal with transitions very well at all.

The last few weeks have been hard. Going back to work, taking care of two small kids, managing a household, and trying to find time to bloody breathe in between.

Hey, listen. Some people handle his "big life changes" stuff really well. Me, I stress for awhile until I manage to surface from it all. While I don't necessarily eat my face off, I kind of stop caring altogether. It's not good.

I probably should have known myself better before I signed up for a big weight loss challenge at the same time I was about to embark on such a big change. But I wanted to give myself the chance to try before automatically assuming that I'd fail.

Right, so what am I trying to say here?

I'm back, baby. No promises about how this is the "last" time I'm going to gain weight. No affirmations about how this will be the "challenges of all challenges". No guarantees. But I will say, that I'm ready to lace up my shoes and try again.

Let's see how far we get this time, shall we?


Anonymous said...

I hear ya!! I'm a massive contol freak and change puts me in a tail spin.

Just take it one day at a time. Welcome back :)

Rebecca said...

your not the only one in this boat Sonya!

do the best you can and try not to beat yourself up about it.

Teresa said...

Thats alot of juggling to do, no wonder you are stressed. Welcome back. Everything is going to be ok.

All Women Stalker said...

I'm glad to hear that your picking yourself up again. Believe in your ability to make things happen.

Anonymous said...

I always struggle with change of any kind. Always sends me reeling, takes me weeks to find my focus and get back on track. Looks though, like you have the right perspective. So glad to read about it, and looking forward to seeing more.

MAMA P said...

You have so much going on! Congrats on pushing through and keeping motivated. It's hard when that old thing called life gets in the way.

mano said...

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