Thursday, March 18, 2010


Yes. Four days of being active.

Has my eating been stellar? Hells no. It hasn't been terrible but not perfect. And I'm not even stressed about it.

Because I promised myself that I would take this one step at a time. I promised myself that at the very least I would get moving every single day. And that's exactly what I've been doing.

Monday: Spinning
Tuesday: 5K walk
Wednesday: 5K walk (Gawking at all of the St. Patrick's Day celebrations and pint drinking going on. Green with envy. Haha - pun intended).
Thursday: Run/walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes.

So here's the verdict as to how I'm feeling:

- definitely more energetic and limber. I go to bed feeling tired in a good way. Not in a "sluggish" way.
- I am breaking out like a mofo! What's up with that? It looks like my left cheek was involved in a drive-by shooting.
- the scale says I've gained weight. Bloody hell. I'm disregarding it for now.

I have to be honest - tonight, I really just wanted to crawl into bed at 8pm. I even put on my pajamas. But then I forced myself to put on my gym clothes. But I was so glad when my workout was done. I wish I could bottle up that feeling and save it! Moreover, I wish I could remember that feeling every time I don't want to exercise.

So, yes. I've been sticking to my plan. I'll get a handle on my eating soon. But for now, it sure feels amazing to work those legs again. Now, I'm off to figure out why I'm still getting acne at the age of 34!


Kim said...


Sounds like you're doing great!!

totegirl said...

What the eff? I'm breaking out like crazy on my left side too! Big, angry ones too. Hmmm... As for weighing more, well that's just fluid in your muscles. Normal. Look at Bitchcakes. She works out all the time, her scale number doesn't change much, but she's shrinking away!

Great job! I'm proud of you!

Teresa said...

Good for you keep to your committment. The small things add up, I'm sure the scale will be kinder next week.

Sonya said...

It sounds like you're doing awesome! Keep it up....I'm hoping once I start my 5K training the weight will start flying off. Wishful thinking? perhaps, but like you it's about just getting active and not stressing about things too much. I just want to feel better and exercise will help with that.

As for the acne....I hate adult acne....hell, I use proactive! lol...but maybe it's just b/c you are sweating so much now. Maybe wash your face right after you work out and see if that helps...just a thought.

Stephanie said...

Skin's always tied to digestion. You're either eating foods that aren't supportive to you, or your digestion's off,'re detoxing...hard to tell from here!
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MAMA P said...

Four days ROCKS! I like the idea of taking it one step at a time and just focusing on moving. Good job!

Becca said...

That's some serious motivation you have to get back outta your PJ's and get your butt to the gym! Good for you, I wish I could bottle YOUR motivation and take it in doses for myself.

Kim said...

Where have you been???? Just wondering and worrying about you. :)

Hope all is well!!!

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