Monday, May 28, 2007

A start to a beautiful week...

Well, thanks for allowing me to share my embarassing moment with you all.:-) In many ways, it was quite an epiphany for me. My weight for the past few months has been the "pink elephant" in the room - for me, and I'm sure others. And while I've been carrying on with life, in some ways, pretending that the situation isn't dire - it was time for a wake-up call. And my five-year old nephew, in the spirit of being a child, pointed out the pink elephant.

The last couple of weeks have been good, in terms of the baby steps. I'm finally hauling my butt back onto the road of progress, and it feels good. However long it takes, I need to move in the right direction.

All this to say, that along with all the other motivation that I already have going (my new daughter and husband especially!), there seem to have been a few additions to that list over recent days. Like VERY unflattering photos of myself. The nephew incident. My unacceptable BMI results (I pulled up the ol' calculator this weekend, and was a bit astonished).

My goals for the past two weeks have been to be active, and reduce the number of times I'm eating out. This week, it's a boring but important one - my water intake. I will drink at least 3L of water everyday.

I've already met today's goal, and the day's only half over. The baby's napping - after she wakes up, we'll be going for a 5K walk to the health food store. And then, I'm going to the gym tonight.

I'm starting the week off strong - and I'm going to end it that way, too.


iportion said...

I hope you have a great week.
I want to hit my first exercise goal by the end of the week.

Chris H said...

Well good for you, I really hope your week goes as planned and you are rewarded with a healthy loss. I have no idea how you people drink water, let alone 3 friggin litres, I drink none! Never have, never will... and I still lost 61 kilos...

Geneviève said...

Just realized, your a girl that wrote a comment today on my blog!!

Hi there! Well, this world is small!!

I enjoyed reading you BEFORE I found out who you were. So it's not a "You like me, than I must like you thing" ;)

Great blog!!

noelle said...

gotta love the honesty of kids, huh? mine like to tell me that my "booty's not so jiggly anymore". Thanks for that guys!

I think you are making great progress. You can't just focus on a number on the scale. You do really need to think about the daily habits you are building and how they will affect your long term health.

Go, mama, go!

And I never have any thoughts when I read your blog that you only have one baby and are still struggling with stuff. I once only had 1 baby, too, and it was a hard season for me then too! We are all just at different places in this journey of life. :o)

Kim said...

Keep up your great attitude Sonya!! You are on your way. :) Here's to a wonderful week!!

CaRoLyN said...

Great Job!
You are doing so well. Water is such an important one along with exercise and it looks like you are taking those small steps and mastering those 2 areas. Keep it up and the rest will fall into place!

Christy said...

Way to go - for using a "rock bottom" moment to turn yourself around to keep yourself motivated. Keep on it - it's the only way to win. I read a post from someone the other day saying she felt so strong for losing the weight, everyone can gain weight but not everyone can lose weight. I want to feel strong, like I can overcome this silly eating business. I remember how great I felt when I was about 30 lbs lighter, how I felt on top of the world - I want to get back there. Let's do it.

Kenz said...

Hey there! I think you're going to do really well because you've had that 'moment' that makes you want to change. I wish I had that moment years earlier than what I did... when I think of fun stuff I missed out on just accepting my weight instead of doing something about it. I hope you manage to leave your pink elephant behind in the dust :) Good luck!

pinknest said...

onward and upward!

it helps to keep a big pitcher around of the amount of water that you need to drink in one day. put some lemon in it, too! that way it's easier to see how much you're drinking.

Becky said...

You are so inspiring! I feel like getting up and walking and being more active.
You will do this!!!