Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Day Three - still alive and kicking

Does anyone know about this temporary memory loss thing? You know, the one where you forget how good it feels to go to the gym, and think of every possible excuse to not go?

Last night, it was cold. Dark. I was in comfy pants. Hubby came home, and even encouraged me to curl up under the covers for awhile. And so, I thought I'd resign to another evening in warmth rather than venturing out to the gym. (Really, I'm over my cold now, so I can't use that as an excuse!).

But then I remembered that promise to myself. I'll walk to the gym. If I get there, and I still don't want to go, I'll come home.

Even after I had my coat and shoes on, I was still whining at the door. But off I went, into the cold dark night. When I got to the gym, I decided to wander inside. The blast of warmth and energy perked me up right away. When I saw all those fit people sweating it out, I wanted to join in the fun. Seriously.

I stayed for about 40 minutes, worked my little heart out, and felt like singing on the way home. Of course, I want to do it again tonight. I'm sure that I'll whine a bit again. But why? Why do we so quickly forget about that post-exercise high, and make excuses to not go?

I guess because it's still hard work right now. Eventually, I'll feel like I can't live without exercise. Not quite there, yet, but well on my way.

Day Three today - I'm feeling really good so far. I'm really worried that there won't be a loss on the scale this Saturday, though. I'm working hard - but sometimes the scale doesn't always reward. Either way, I'm carrying on diligently until then.

Looks like the amazing Christy and Carolyn are kicking some butt! I'm proud of you gals!

Have a great day!


jodi said...

yea, i suffer from that too (last night even)... i didn't go during my usual time and just couldn't get myself to go after work... i wish i had a button, on the inside of my arm, that i could push and it would instantly get me motivated to work-out... that would be awesome! ;o)

CaRoLyN said...

YAY! I'm so proud of you! Getting out of your comfy pants and walking in the cold! I swear I had a big smile on my face when I read this post because I was so happy for you!

Day #2 was great for me. Ate well within my points, resisted the huge temptation I had to snack around 9:00, and got to the gym. I didn't make it to the gym twice like I was hoping but I did get in a 50 min yoga class and was sore afterwards. Hopefully you'll try that yoga class you've been thinking about. I was nervous at first too. But seriously I love it. My yoga instructor rocks and she's SO encouraging. Plus it's a great workout for strength training.

PS I seriously don't think I'll ever feel like I can't live without exercise but it does get a little easier every time.
2 days down darlin! We can do this!!

totegirl said...

PROUD.OF.YOU. Good job Sonya!!!! It is weird how we forget how good it feels to have an endorphin high!

Angie All The Way said...

It's the strangest thing I know. We all LOVE how we feel when we do it and then thing to ourselves, why the hell would I subject myself to feeling miserable by going off my plan when it feels so good not to!

You deserve major props for making your feet walk when you head didn't wanna! That's how I started getting back in the grove again, I "tricked" my mind by making myself do the motions and let my mind catch up!

Chris H said...

OK, you have almost inspired me to go upstairs and do a workout... almost....

Anne said...

Ah, motivation, we all feel like that. Keep it up, you are kicking ass!

iportion said...

I would have never made it lol
Which is why I have small gym pieces at home.

CaRoLyN said...

Just checking in again to see how yesterday went.

Day #3 clean for me! I'm so excited. Honestly this checking in thing is working great! I ate wellwithin my points yesterday and I made it to the gym for 15 mins cardio warm up and a 45 min Body Ball class (which was extra hard last night!)

How did you make out? did you make it to the gym?

Fatinah said...

I can't believe you managed to get to the gym when you were already hunkered down for the night. Very, very impressive.