Saturday, February 11, 2006

This week was great - I made two personal training sessions, and two workouts on my own. I guzzled water like there was no tomorrow. My eating was fairly good, except for a minor slip-up* on Thursday night. The word "minor" is up for discussion, I suppose.

On Wednesday morning, I weighed in at an astonishing 212. On Friday morning, I was at 214.5.

Now, despite my aforementioned "slip-up" (which, I truly do consider to be minor in nature), I worked my ass off this week. I really didn't deserve to gain 2.5 lbs. It could have been water gain, muscle, any number of things. But it stinks.

So, I'll weigh in for my "official" count on Monday AM, and hope for the best.

BTW - I heart my personal trainer. He's a bit of a jock, is a bit slow to string a sentence together (no disrespect intended), but he's AWESOME. He makes an hour fly by sooo fast. And, he kicks my ass. Bless his heart.

* It was a sugar binge involving cookies and other sweets.

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Becky said...

Awesome! Sounds like you had a great week :)
You go girl!
My weight is still haywire, up down up down. Hopefully it will stabilize soon!