Saturday, March 25, 2006

Oh lordy, I'm sore...

Yesterday was a relatively good day, considering I was at home. It wasn't perfect - but it was remarkably better compared to my past experiences. I managed to drink lots of water, and tried to minimize my snacking.

I also worked out in the morning for 45 mins (cardio), and then went to the gym again later in the day to do an hour of weight training.

Dinner was probably a bit of an overload. I was *starving* by the time I came back from the gym, and was ready to scarf down anything in front of me. (Mistake #1: I probably should have had some fruit or cheese or something to pacify my raging hunger). I was craving Chinese food like there was no tomorrow. So, I had some noodles, tofu, vegetables, and some dumplings soup. I probably went overboard on the noodles.

I'm still having problems with the whole brain catching up to the stomach when you're full thing. When I'm hungry, I'm a human vacuum. I only realize that I've over-eaten when it's too late. I need to S-L-O-W down!

I had best intentions of getting up bright and early this morning (even though it's Saturday), to do some cardio - and then again the afternoon. Ha! When the alarm went off my poor body moaned with great contestion. Achy arms, achy legs...oh, yesterday's weight training has really taken a toll on my body! So, I'll limit things to one workout - perhaps later in the day.

I weighed in at 210.5 yesterday. I'm hoping it wasn't a temporary dip, and a sustainable number - so I'll re-confirm on Monday. Hopefully the Chinese food incident won't impact me badly. Hey - I did actually WALK to the restaurant (it's about 15mins each way) - that's gotta count for something, right?

On another note - my hubby and I went out for a drink last night after dinner (well, he drank beer and I sipped on gingerale and water). I was teasing him about something, and he tried to jokingly punch me in the arm. When he did, my arm responded with a rock-solid THUD. We both looked dismayed. What ever happened to the wibbly-wobbly mass that was once my arm? It's starting to resemble some weird-shaped, hardening structure...but that's not my arm! He marvelled for awhile about the whole thing (and kept feeling up my arm in the bar, much to everyone's stares) - but I could tell that he's disappointed that the punching and pinching will soon have no impact!

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