Friday, March 24, 2006

Is it really Masochism?

Someone made a comment to me the other day about how my personal trainer is going to "whip me into shape". For some reason, I took a little offense to that.

I'm a gal with a LOT of determination. When I want to accomplish something, I'll go after it with a vengeance. If I want to exercise, I will be pouring sweat at the gym several times a week. I don't need someone to be standing next to the treadmill, barking orders in my ear.

The one area where I do need some direction is weight training. It's really hard to maintain proper form, and to know which muscles to work, and how many reps is enough. That's why I enlisted my personal trainer dude.

And it's been such a journey so far...I've gained so much strength, stamina, and flexibility - it's amazing. I can't believe I underestimated the importance of strength training before. And it's *so* much harder than cardio, because I feel like I'm pushing my body beyond insane limits. Limits that I impose on myself. When the muscles in my arms are throbbing, and the energy in my body is drained, and my trainer dude says, "one more"...I sometimes want to cry. But then I find a way to muster up the courage to do it. And I really surprise myself when I can.

Maybe it is a bit masochistic, really - this whole personal training thing. I'm basically paying someone to push me outside my limits, and inflict a bit of hardship, LOL! At the same time, it would have taken me much longer to get to this stage had I done it on my own. This is a bit of an accelerated course.

So, my trainer ain't going to whip me into shape. I'M whipping myself into shape! I certainly don't see the trainer breaking out into any sweat during our sessions!:-)


Friday, at last. I have the day off today - I need to catch up on a million things! I owe several people e-mails from weeks ago (I feel like a total jerk), and the apartment needs major organizing. I'm definitely going to exercise today - some cardio at home, and then some weight training at the gym. I find working out on Fridays gives me a bit of incentive to not go hog-wild on the weekend!

I just have to stay away from crappy food today. I'm one of those people who has more discipline at work than at home, so I'll need to be on guard.

Have a good one!

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