Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bye-bye for a few days!

I'm off to San Francisco tomorrow afternoon - will be back early next week!

My ultrasound is tomorrow morning, so I'll post a picture of my little bean as soon as I get back. I really hope he/she is growing well, and is healthy. That's all I want.

I do have a confession before I go - I just devoured a Twix bar. Completely unecessary, but it happened. I was really craving chocolate. I've had my fix now, and that's that. I will be going to the gym tonight, so hopefully, I'll make up for it.

I didn't make to the gym last night - but in some ways, I think I needed a break. I'm good and ready to go back tonight.

Have a great few days, everyone!!! Hoping to maintain my weight while I'm away.


KleoPatra said...

Happy, safe journey, Sonya! Hope you have a fabulous time.


P.S. I eat a Twix bar every now and then as well...

:o) Life is short, eat what you like (in moderation, of course!).

iportion said...

Have a safe trip.

I find I need to have a small candy bar fix every ounce in a while.
A store near my home sells peanut dream bars which are not too bad caloerie wise.

Good luck :-)

The Venus said...

Have a fun trip and don't sweat the twix!!

Jen said...

Have fun, can't wait to see pics of your little bean!

Cowgirl Warrior said...

Have a great time and don't worry about the Twix

Becky said...

Have FUN FUN !!!!!

Big Hugs!

pinknest said...

have a great trip!