Thursday, February 01, 2007

It's been a bit hairy...

Of course, that's to be expected! My sweet little muffin came down with some sort of cold / virus about a week ago. It broke my heart, watching her struggling to breathe through her little chest. She was really lethargic and sad (unlike her fiesty, usual self!), and I was so worried. I know that this is the first of many ailments, but it's really tough.

I've also been having a tough time with leaving my apartment. The weather has been ridiculously cold, and not suitable for dragging a newborn babe around town. So, we've been homebound. I think the record was 9 days before I finally lost it and left the apartment. We went for a short trip to my favourite local vegetarian restaurant/juice-bar. It was freezing cold, but I bundled her up in the snowsuit (of course, there were several photo ops!), and put her in the carrier so that she was snuggled close to me. I felt like a million bucks afterward, even though it took 20 minutes in total. What a change in lifestyle, let me tell you!

I got a yummy lunch - a magic tofu sandwich on a country wheat baguette (the tofu is coated in breadcrumbs and yummy spices and fried up a bit), an arugula salad with shredded carrots, chick peas, and red peppers and a blueberry/mango/banana smoothie. Sounds healthy, right?

Well, this blog is about confessing the good and the bad...and it's definitely been very unhealthy on the eating front over the last few days. I think the combination of being at home and sleep-deprived hasn't helped. Plus, I only have 15-minute increments when my hands are free to grab a bite from the kitchen - and that usually means something fast and unhealthy. My wardrobe is starting to resemble the sleepwear section of Old Navy...I'm perpetually in trackpants, which is hiding my ever-growing waistline.

I feel so out of control. And I've started the whole, "tomorrow will be a clean slate day" mantra...everyday. I need a plan, and I need to stick to it. But I need to cut myself some slack at the same time. Being the mom to a six-week old baby doesn't allow me the same control as when I was baby-free....

So, I'm going to force myself to go to the gym 4 times a week. I've decided to go without the baby. I've taken her a couple of times now (this is the gym in my condo), but I'm really stressed that she's going to wake up the entire time. Plus, I only get 20-25 minutes before she starts freaking out. So, when hubby comes home twice a week, he'll need to watch the little munchkin while I get a workout in. The other two workouts will be on the weekend.

I'm also going to have to start planning my meals in advance, otherwise I'm just not going to make it. Unfortunately, my culinary talents (ha!) will need to be put on hold for now, since I simply don't have the time to cook. So, I'm going to plan my meals one day at a time - even if it's stuff that needs to be thrown together relatively quickly.


Update: I did go to the gym after hubby got home. I did 30 mins on the elliptical (with some intervel training), and some weights. Only about 40 mins, but it's a start! I feel great right now.
It was also a nice break from the baby - and I don't feel guilty about saying that, since we spent 24/7 together!

So now, I just need to get over my chocolate addiction!


iportion said...

I wish you luck

arugula salad and smoothie sounds yummy

Maybe use dark coco powder for your smoothies that way you get your candy fix.
there some easy ideas for meals
canned organic or veggie soups
canned chick pees "These are yummy"
veggie burgers "many are under 100 calories"
Wheat pita "Add cheese or soy cheese to make mini pazzas" and a salad or soup and this is a family
if you eat dairy yogurt, and low fat cheeses can be added to salad soups and sandwhiches.

Cowgirl Warrior said...

I think you're doing well, I have trouble with all of that and I don't have anyone to take care of except me.
It's definitely a day at a time thing and your lunch sounded amazing.

jeannie* said...

Good for you! Take a few minutes everyday for yourself to work out... and this way hubby and baby get some alone QT as well! It works out for everyone :)

Becky said...

Awesome job on getting that work out in! You rock, babe :)
27 pounds in 27 weeks. We can do that together, for sure!!!

Vickie said...

I didn't know if you were nursing or not??? - doesn't the caffeine from the chocolate bother your baby? ANY caffeine always bothered all mine - and fresh/raw apples - major gas (for them, not me).

You are so smart for starting right back in on exercise and watching what you eat - you'll be glad you did later.

I was always so busy doing MOM stuff that I never took care of ME.

And now my kids are 17, 13, 9 and I have had a LOT of catching up to do with by poor body . . .

Time for shopping, food, exercise - just seemed impossible when I couldn't figure out how to get a shower . . .I know what you are going through.

As soon as the weather gets good - you can put the baby in a front/back pack and WALK.

We have a lady at the gym that puts baby in a front pack and gets on the elliptical. She won't do the treadmill (fear of falling) but figures that the elliptical isn't much more motion (for the baby) than walking and she is not any more likely to fall (than walking) - the baby actually likes it.

There are probably a lot of floor exercises that can be done with a baby on your belly too.

This is a link (you'll have to copy and paste - sorry) that I wrote a while back on cooking ahead. I know that you are still in the midst of VERY new baby - but there might be some things in there that help you later.

Best wishes to you!!! and the new baby!!!!!

Belladora said...

All of my friends who have had babies have used their gym time as time to get away for a while...time for themselves. I think it's a good choice for you!

Sonya said...

iportion - thanks for your suggestions as to quick meals! I especially love the idea of cocoa powder in protein shakes/smoothies. Yum!

Cowgirl - thanks for your vote of confidence - it is SO weird having to take care of someone else - I'm still getting used to it!

Jeannie - hubby loves his time with the baby when he gets home from work, so hopefully it will work out well!

Becky - next blog entry is about 27 in 27! Thanks for the inspiration.

Vickie - yes, I am nursing - my baby is generally gassy, and it's hard to determine what's causing it...but you're right - laying of on the chocolate for that reason might not be such a bad idea. I'm going to check out your link right now.

Sonya said...

And I forgot to respond to Belladora - sorry! Yes, gym time for me is alone time. I like being in my own space!