Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Rituals of the Scale...

No, I haven't weighed in again. I'm only going to do that once a week. But as I was weighing myself on Monday, I realized that I've adopted some weird rituals:

  • I take a couple of deep breaths before I get on the scale. What am I, in university again, about to take an exam? Seriously.

  • My bladder must be completely empty. Don't want any extra weight to impact the result!

  • No clothes. Hey, some of my t-shirts and pyjamas could be a bit heavy - and every bit counts.

  • I keep my eyes closed, or stare straight ahead before looking down. I savour the surprise. NOT.

  • If I've lost weight, I weigh myself like, 5 times just to make sure it's real.

  • If I've gained weight, I only weigh myself one more time for confirmation of the result.

Am I the only one who has weird rituals when weighing in?


Blissful Loser said...

Oh my gosh! I do all of those weighing rituals accept for the deep breaths, but looking straight ahead and standing as straight as possible...weighing about 4-5 times when it shows that I've gone down, and only once when I've gained. Definitely do all of that. Isnt' that funny?

Living to Feel Good said...

Okay I do almost all of that too!

I pee first, and then stand on there.
If I have a loss I step back on about 3-4 times.
If I have a gain I might step on it again or I just leave.
I wear underwear and a tank top.

Very similar huh? I think we are in the norm! :D

Chris H said...

I do all of that too, plus I take off all my jewellery too! At weight watchers I wear exactly the same clothes and take off all the jewellery, shave my legs before I go (like that's gunna help!) and sometimes I even go commando ... !!! No knickers. MAD AS I AM

KleoPatra said...

i haven't weighed myself in years and turn around when i'm at the doc's and get weighed there. Ignorance is bliss!!! :O)

CaRoLyN said...

I could swear that I wrote that post myself! I won't even dare to jump on the scale unless I've had a good pee, then of course I strip down to absolutely nothing and jump on and look straight ahead. Another riual I have is that I will only weigh myself FIRST thing in the morning. Someone once told me that first thing in the morning is your true weight (and of course it's always the lowest) In the 15 months I've been on WW, I've never one weighed myself in the afternoon or at night...only first thing in the morning :)
Sometimes the scale is my friend...sometimes my mortal enemy.

Dee said...

I do all of those things, plus I cross my fingers! And if I have a sleepy morning and I forget to weigh in before I have my shower, weigh in is cancelled....I do it the next day instead. Imagine how much water my skin might have absorbed!

Cowgirl Warrior said...

qI don't know anyone who doesn't have the wi ritual.
I wear the exact same thing every Saturday to my meeting, when weather changes I've actually weighed my clothes.
At home I weigh myself first before going to WI and will step on it twice just to make sure. I also look straight ahead with empty bladder.

I think we are the norm as well :)

Annieann77 said...

Your not the only one .... Every weigh in day I find that I also must empty my bladder and have no clothes (but I think most people do that). My weird quirks is that I find that if I step on the scale with my left foot first the number is usually lower then if I step on the scale with my right? I also weigh myself 3 times (every weigh in day) just to make sure and if I get different readings I keep stepping on it until I get 3 #'s that are the same!?

Teresa said...

Nope not at all, even the anticipation of it gets me in a mood. My routine mirrors yours.

Unfortunately the tone of the day is usually set by what the scale has to say. Lose = Good Mood. Gain = Monster Mood.

Guess we are all a little loony tunes!

jodi said...

ha, i'm sure we all have our own scale rituals... for me, i wake up, pee, remove any and all clothing, and stand on the scale (at a minimum) of 3 times... :o)

jeannie* said...

I to do ALLLL of the same things!!!! Thats too funny. Were all crazy. But I'm ok with it :)

iportion said...

I wear clothes in weigh in
But I like to weigh in more than I should

pinknest said...

ha you're cute.

:-) said...

Are you sensing that you're not alone!?!?
For me, rather than looking straight ahead, I stare directly at the display as it blips before displaying the number...almost willing it to be lower than it was the last time.
And, I ALWAYS re-weigh just to make sure I wasn't deluded!

Marshmallow said...

Hahahah omg I used to do all of those things when I weighed in weekly - but now that I weigh in daily, I'm not afraid of the blighter anymore.

PearShapedGirl said...

You are not alone with the scale rituals, haha! I always place my scale on the exact same tile on my bathroom floor after peeing and removing every article of clothing (I'm with ya, every bit counts!). Then I weigh myself 3 times to get a consistent read-out on my digital scale. Then I let that weight affect my day either positively or negatively... might want to give up that last habit!

Take care,

Weight Master said...

I do the bladder and the naked thing. Those are funny though.