Friday, October 05, 2007

Day Five - here I come!

I can't believe it's Friday, and I'm seriously about to embark on Day Five.

We're going to Florida for a few days (Saturday - Tuesday), so I'm a bit worried about how I'll manage. But Hubby (bless his heart) is going to do some grocery shopping for me while he's there, to make sure that I have plenty of healthy stuff to eat. (I'm going for some work-related meetings).

But this is the "life happens" part that I need to just accept. Things won't be perfect, but I need to make the best choices possible. Just because I'm outside of my kitchen at home, it doesn't mean that I should throw all caution to the wind!

So, I'm taking protein powder, some nuts, protein bars, and fruit. If I have to eat out, I'm going to stick with salads only. I'll drink plenty of water. And will generally do my best.:-)

Here's what my Day Four looked like:

B: Protein Shake
Snack: Cottage Cheese with mixed fresh berries
Lunch: leftover steamed veggies (kale, zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans) with mixed beans, and a small bowl of vegetable barley soup
Snack: Protein Shake
Snack: Veggie Burger patty and a red apple plus 1 square of dark chocolate
Dinner: 1/2 multigrain pita with falafels, hummus, and homemade tahini sauce with a large salad (with a bit of goat cheese on top).

Another victory. We have a bag of Ghirardelli dark chocolates from our trip to San Francisco, sitting in the kitchen. A big bag. Yesterday, I opened the bag and made do with one piece. One. It wasn't like opening Pandora's box (like before) - it was very controlled and deliberate. At first, I felt guilty - should I really be having a square of dark chocolate? But afterward, I realized that this journey has to be about reasonable eating. And I'm certainly not going to get through the rest of it by being chocolate-celibate. Plus, it was just enough to take off that edge between the hours of 3-5pm.

I'm going to weigh in tomorrow morning before we leave for the airport - even though it won't be a full week, I'll still post my results. I know that I've had mixed feelings in the past about weighing in regularly - but this time, I'm going to do it weekly. Right now, it's what I need to keep me accountable. I'm not going to hop on the scale everyday - but once a week will do me good.:-)

I'm very nervous about weighing in tomorrow. I really hope that some of my efforts have paid off - because I've been so deliberate about my eating lately. Of course, even if I've maintained (or heaven forbid, gained weight) - I'll be carrying on. But for now, I'm thinking positive, and hoping for a little loss to give me a little boost before my challenging trip this weekend.

Off to pack while the baby's napping!


CaRoLyN said...

Good luck on your WI and ocngrats on your success with the chocolate, we all know how much you love it. The menu looks amazing and super healthy! It's inspired me to take another look at my own. I've been eating way too many empty points that have no nutritional value!

Have a great weekend and enjoy yourself!!

jodi said...

where will you be in florida this weekend? i'll be there too (b/f has a conference at the disneyworld hilton resort)... good idea about packing snacks - i'll have to eat most of my meals there... :o(

Teresa said...

All the best with your weigh-in. Travelling is always difficult. (I have the same issue is a week) All we can do is our best,to expect perfection would be an impossible task. Remember to celebrate the small victories. Have a great trip!

GetStrongGirl said...

Awesome Sonya!!! You're doing great! I'm on week 3. I'm amazed.....You will be there in no time!! Keep it up girl!!!

iportion said...

good luck on your trip and eating healthy. I am having a pot luck and a date night with my husband so I hope I eat well.

Chris H said...

All the best for the weigh in... and the trip away. You are doing great with your DELIBERATE and CONTROLLED eating....have a great weekend.

pinknest said...

good luck!! and congrats for making it to day 5.

Douglas said...

well its nice to come across your blog. I myself since going vegan and changing my life around have lost about 90 pounds. IT is about diet for sure but first and foremost its about burning calories. If you want to lose weight you have to sweat!!!!! I promise it will happen:) Email me anytime at all, i live near bloor and ossington...