Monday, December 10, 2007

A wee hiatus

I know that I said I'd post here more often, but life has taken over once again. Except this time, things are finally settling down with my job, daycare situation, and other stuff. Once I have my house in order (so to speak), I can finally buckle down.

I'm going to take a bit of a break from blogging. Not a long one - just until the New Year. I need a little bit of time to step back and take some time for myself. Yes, blogging is "me" time, but I've felt like I've been out of the groove for awhile.

It's been one heck of a year. My daughter was born. I lost pregnancy weight. Gained some back. Got a crazy, challenging, AMAZING, high profile consulting gig that's been keeping me on my toes. Lost myself. Found myself.

Phew. It's a lot to take in. And I haven't had any time, because I've been burning the candle at both ends for the past six months.

For the next couple of weeks, I'm going to enjoy the holiday banter, my daughter's upcoming 1st birthday, going to get my hair done up, maybe a pedicure or a massage, and reading a huge heap of magazines that are piling up on my coffee table. God, I love leafing through magazines - I miss that.

I'll be back soon enough, probably with a new blog. This one has served me well, but everyone needs a change once in a while.;-)

Happy, Happy Christmas and New Year to all of you. Your support has meant the world to me over this past year. Your comments have warmed my heart. And those of you who occasionally de-lurk to wish me well make me smile. I'm lucky to have blogland on my side as I attack this bulge. And next year, I'll be lucky to have you on my side as I conquer it.

My chamomile tea has finished brewing - time for that, and a good night's sleep. Bye for now!


Teresa said...

Have a wonder Holiday, see you in 2008.

Marshmallow said...

Have a great Christmas and New Year! See you in 2008, hope you, hubby and wee bub have a great holiday season :-D

pinknest said...

merry christmas and happy new year!! hope you have a wonderful holiday. and break!

iportion said...

see you in 08