Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday's Random Stuff

- I called before heading over to yoga on Friday, and found out that it was an ADVANCED class. Seeing as my bones creak and crack when I bend over to pick up something I've dropped, it would not have been a good idea to attempt that.

- Running class on Saturday got cancelled, because the instructor was sick. Boo.

- I went out for a walk on Saturday, but I really should have worked a bit harder and made up for it at the gym. Ack! Feeling lazy gets to me everytime.

- Weekend eating was so-so. It wasn't horrible, but certainly not stellar. I need to be stellar.

- I spent a few hours yesterday, cooking up a storm for the week. I made a vegetarian shepard's pie, steamed vegetables, steamed semolina patties, and chopped up veggies for a soba-noodle stirfry. Meals are all planned, so there should be no room for error.

- There's a running class on Wednesday night that I'm going to go to. There's also a "restorative yoga" class on Sunday that I've already marked in my calendar. I can't wait.

- I'm still determined to lose another 1lb this week. If I kick butt from Monday to Friday, maybe I can make it happen. I need to stop doubting myself - I will make it happen.

- I really really really really want to make it my first 5lb goal. Gosh, it seems so pathetic - but I need to take baby steps. If I work really hard the next five days, I could actually see a cumulative 5lb loss next week! Wow.

- I haven't weighed myself after the weekend, and I'm not going to. Sticking to Saturday weigh-in's.

- Now, if someone could just explain why the brain just shuts down over the weekends when it comes to healthy eating and exercise? Yes, it's a time for relaxation - but inevitably, we end up reversing all of our hard work from the week! What is that all about?

Will post after my running class - it's an hour long. I hope I don't collapse!


jodi said...

i'm not sure i would say my brain shuts down on the weekends but sometimes, sleeping-in totally trumps an early morning spin class... i think it's just natural to feel more relaxed and less strict esp. if you're 100% OP all week... i'm learning to just do my best and moving on - no use beating myself up every monday... :o)

CaRoLyN said...

Ugh the dreaded weekends. this was a bad one for me and the scale is showing no mercy! I deserve it though and I'm glad that it's kicked my butt in gear. I need to be stellar too! and I AM GOING TO BE STELLAR. No ifs, ands, or buts. We can do this. One day at a time. One meal at a time. Let's do it!

Good luck at your running class. Can't wait to hear all about how much you rocked it!

PS I'm still in Beginner Yoga and I still find it challenging! I can't imagine the intermediate one. Maybe some day!

Nicole said...

ugh, i hear you on trying to meet the 5 lb goal. I am on week 4 of WW and had a horrible the point where I gained a pound at weigh in today :( next week I hope to make the 5 lb mark!!!

Good luck!

Veg*Triathlete said...

Ooo, you have a reward coming at 5 lbs, don't you? Treat yourself to something relaxing & nice :-) I was just looking thought my reFresh cookbook today & thought again how lucky you are to live near that restaurant! I wish they were the norm - wouldn't it be great if we had those all over the place instead of McDonald's & whatever else? Have a great week!

Kim said...

I am ALL IN as far as a new week, new start!!! :) We can do this!!!!

Healthy Mummy said...

Nothing wrong with taking baby steps. I think it's the best way forward. Good luck with running class.

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