Monday, March 03, 2008

Me and my wacky body

Thank you so much, ladies, for your comments. I thought I was ready to lose my mind over the weekend.

I weighed in this morning, and I seem to have lost 4.5lbs of that weird weight - even though I didn't really try over the weekend. Must have been a weird bloat thing, who knows? I don't get it, but whatever.

So, I've effectively gained 0.5lbs over last week. Which still sucks, but I can live with it. You're all absolutely correct - I'm doing the right things, working hard, etc. The weight will come off when it feels like it. I just hope that it leave soon, I've had the eviction notices up for a little while.;-)

Hubby and I booked a weekend trip to NYC in late May! Sans toddler! I'm very excited for the break. I know that I shouldn't start calculating numbers, but I would really like to be 15lbs lighter by that time. I can do it, if I keep all of this fat-busting activity up.

I spent all day yesterday in the kitchen, cooking healthy meals for the week:

- stuffed peppers (brown rice, organic pinto and black beans, and fresh diced tomatoes) with steamed asparagus
- Lentil and brown rice patties
- Dhal and Mixed Vegetables
- Coucous with grilled veggies and chickpeas (for the toddler)


And here's the funny part. My hubby has been hinting at how good the Vanilla Pound Cake was, that I made a few weeks ago, from Veganomicon (the!best!cookbook!in!the!world!). Anyway, he's starting a new job today, and I thought I'd bake it for him last night (even though I was wiped from all the cooking). I figured it would be a nice treat for the week.

I was a bit nervous, because I didn't want any pieces to wind up in my tummy. By accident, of course.

Anyway, I prepared the dough (lots of blending of various things involved), and was about to pour it into the cake pan. I thought I'd try the batter (I loooove cake batter). I almost died from the hideous taste in my mouth.

Guess what? Turns out that the container of sugar in my cupboard? Was replaced by sea-salt when a certain husband of mine was putting groceries away.

I threw out all the cake batter! I'm laughing about it now, and it probably is for the best. I'll make it for hubby when I re-stock my ingredients. I made him label the salt after the whole incident.

Lunch time! Leftover stuffed peppers from yesterday - yum!


iportion said...

It was water weigt

Kim said...

I'm glad to hear that most of that weight is gone as quickly as it showed up. :) The human body is a very very wacky thing!!!

Congrats on the upcoming trip without the wee one. I hope that you two make the most of every bit of it!!

CaRoLyN said...

I guess that's one way to cut the calories of cake! Yuck!

Glad to hear the lbs are coming off again, that's always good for motivation!

NYC! How fun is that? My hubby and I ahve been thinking about NYC as well but due to vacation mishaps, I think we are heading to Bar Harbour ME. Planning trips is so much fun!

Veg*Triathlete said...

Oh, your cooking projects sound delicious - stuffed peppers? Lentil & brown rice patties? Yes, please! I listened to a podcast yesterday and thought of you - the speaker is a nutritionist and she has some really interesting things to say about women and weightloss. It's on a cycling site, but the talk is general enough that you might like it. I really liked her attitude and holistic approach:

It's podcast #3, "The Path to Becoming a Normal Eater."

Enjoy planning your trip to NYC! What a great place for an active vacation with so much walking to do! (I've always wanted to go running in Central Park - cheesy, I know, but I do!)

Healthy Mummy said...

your menu for the week sounds delicious. That is a funny story about the cake. i have no willpower I would have eaten it (without the salt of course).

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