Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 21: A bit meh.

It hasn't been a bad eating day, but I don't really feel like I'm in my groove. My energy levels are low, and I'm craving sugar again. When, oh when, will this get easier?

I need to remember that I'm in the process of changing years of bad habits, and it has only been three weeks. I need a bit of time to reform, I suppose.

I've been a bit sloppy with some choices today. This is how the downward slide usually happens. It took me over three weeks to lose the weight, but I betcha I could gain it back in just one. I'm not going to try and prove my theory. I'm going to focus and keep trudging forward. I committed to journey, and I'll finish it if it's the last thing I do!

Here's to a more focused tomorrow.


marie said...

You and me both, kiddo.

My issue is right after dinner. I'm GOLD until then.


Rebecca said...

dont give up!!! you can do this. i know you can!!

baby steps...

Irene said...

One day at a time, and before you kow it you will be home "FREE"