Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Day Two - marching along

Yesterday was a good day. Tough, but good. I craved sugar like something awful after lunch, but managed to resist. Resistance and willpower are going to be so important in the next few months, and I need to start practicing those skills! Clearly, that has never been my strong suit. I also managed to make it to the gym last night, after both kids went to bed. Nothing earth-shattering - just a 45 minute workout, but it's a start.

On Wednesdays, I signed up for a mom & baby fitness class that is really butt-kicking. It involves running, bouncing, strength-training, you name it. I'm usually pouring with sweat by the time it's done. I had to miss today because of some work issues with hubby. I'm a bit bummed out, but am going to make it out for a 5K walk soon, and will also try and hit the gym tonight.

If it had been a couple of weeks ago, my missing the class would have meant that the whole day was blown, and the diet would have also gone out the window. I need to remember that this journey isn't about being "perfect" all the time - it's about trying hard every step of the way. Life is going to be busy with two kids, and I could come up with a million excuses. But really, if I want to lose this weight, I need to make it my priority - end of story.

So here I am, day two. Day Two is always the hardest. The novelty of Day One has passed, so it's about really trying. I'm totally up for it, so here I come.

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